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Bartending Job Placement Updates:

It is July and that means IT IS BARTENDING HIRING SEASON!!!

May and June were GREAT MONTHS for grads and JOBS. We received and sent out a TON of job leads from employers in DC, MD, and VA. A TON. Employers are DYING FOR TRAINED STAFF.

Between 150-200 grads landed bartending jobs in April and May, from current feedback. We KNOW that means 200-250 actually hooked up new bartending gigs in the last 2 months ALONE!! We will get tons more feedback from employers and grads alike.

AND ITS HOLIDAY PARTY SEASON!!! That means bartenders are working parties EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK through us directly catering contacts and event schedulers!!!! There is a lot of bartending work out there!!!

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Hottest Hiring Season In years.  Ask about our Placement Assistance Successes

Testimonial From the Highest Volume Employer of Bartenders over the Decades

This testimonial/review has been sitting among our reviews/testimonials for 2-3 years.  Since the 90′s they have probably hired more bartenders in the DC region than any other restaurant/chain, bar, club or hotel:

This has been our go-to bartending school for almost 20 years! Whether sending staff for additional training or looking for viable bartenders, we don’t go anywhere else! From Republic Gardens to Dream & Love to The Park at 14th, we have always relied on the Professional Bartending School for our staffing needs. Tommy and his team are personable, knowledgeable and thorough. You owe it to yourself to entrust your staffing to them!

It is July and we are seeing a large surge in new job leads for our grads.  They are being called in from employers throughout DC, Md, and Va.  Even better Employers are hiring FAST!!! You can track many of the hires on our Facebook Page and the posts about recent hires

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Our Job training and placement program helps hundreds of grads land bartending jobs every month


Hiring Bartenders for Parties

The Placement Office has been hard at work helping graduates pick up bartending positions. We staffed 4 larger events in the last 45 days including a Junior League Event in Arlington, the Shamrock festival at RFK stadium, the popular Craft Beer Festival at the Convention Center, and an outdoor Cherry Blossom Festival next door to the Convention Center. Great opportunities for Part Time Work, a lot of fun, and of course EASY MONEY. We’ve confirmed about 100 grads took advantage of these gigs!!

Bartender Jobs in Virginia

In the last 45 days graduates have landed full time and part time bartending spots at over 20 different bars, restaurants, hotels, resorts, etc throughout Northern Va and extended out as far as Middleburg and South to Fredericksburg. Popular sports bars including several different Hard Times, the Green Turtle and Broadland Sports Bar in Ashburn all hired our grads this Spring. The hot new Baladna Hookah, restaurant, and lounge hired Brittany, Salamander Resort in Middleburg hired JP, the very popular Clarendon Happy Hour destination, Hunan One hired several grads, and Ora was hired to bartend at the stylish Dogfish Head Alehouse in Falls Church. Alexandria is always a great place to bartend. Malcolm is behind the bar at the long time favorite, Union Street, and Miranda hooked up a bartending gig at John Strongbough’s both in Old Town. Meanwhile Tony landed a bartending gig at the very cool delicious Epic Smokehouse in Pentagon City. Congrats to one and all.

Bartending Jobs in Maryland

December 2016 UPDATE–Of the 1200 bartending jobs grabbed by grads this year; About 600 of those positions went to graduates who were from Maryland. We are a very regional school–and have been for decades.

For so many years Professional Bartending School grads fill leads and land bartending positions throughout Maryland. Our reach throughout the state is very extensive. A third graduate, Carlos, was hired by The Carriage House Inn in Emmitsburg near the PA border. Meanwhile Jared, who lives in Baltimore was hired at BWX lounge near BWI airport. Irie Bar and Grill in Lanham continues to hire grads. Its got a great menu and bar!! Allison hooked up a gig at Zone in Upper Marlboro, Sergio landed a bartending position at Sabor De Cuba in Frederick, Olivia landed a bartending position at Redstone in National Harbor, and Ben is mixing martini’s Manhattans and other drinks at McCormick and Schmick’s in Bethesda. These are just a few grads who landed Maryland bartending jobs this spring.

Bartending Work in Washington DC

Over the last few years over 350 different bars, restaurants, hotels, clubs, etc. located in DC have hired our grads.  You can travel around the District and be served in a busy crowd at a club or a high end establishment by a practiced mixologist.  It could be a graduate of the Professional Bartending School.   This spring Abijah started bartending at The Park at 14th, Sheena is behind the bar at Rocket Bar near the Verizon Center, Tiara landed a gig at Mellow Mushroom in Adams Morgan, Ana can be found behind the rail at Newtown on U Street, and a lot of grads were hired at some very popular clubs. Meanwhile the popular Amiel can be found bartending at da Luft on H Street. Go visit him and other graduates.


We didn’t “invent job placement assistance  this year, we have been working hard and doing this year after year. For instance during the first half of 2013 our grads were hired at a rate of about 100 bartending jobs/month.   This is the highest rate of bartending school grads hired of any school in the nation.  We update their pictures on our Facebook page so you can see where they are working.  We keep a running list of hires at our office for anyone to review.  We simply get and verify more grads being hired than any other school in the nation.  It is more grads hired than all other sources COMBINED in the DMV. Our grads have been consistently getting hired at about this rate for about 3 and 1/2 years following a huge update and overhaul of our decades long active placement program.

Our bartending school is certified to operate by SCHEV , State Council for Higher Education for Virginia

Will you get this response from an Online Bartending Program

We have heard from graduates of online bartending programs for years, over a decade.  After meeting so many who couldn’t land a bartending job then took our program with its focused placement assistance they found work.  We describe this in greater detail on this page about OnLine Bartending Classes.  Its worth a read.

Some of the highlights:

About 50 grads bartended one or both nights at the Inaugural balls at the Convention Center in January.  Some grads called it the event of their lives, not only seeing and serving celebrities but earning bank at these huge events, and being treated to a rare private concert as they watched and heard performers practice before the evenings festivities.  We staffed this two day event in basically two days calling on our vast base of graduates.

In Maryland we had graduates hired in Baltimore, Bethesda, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Bowie, Germantown, Frederick, Upper Marlboro, Landover, College Park, National Harbor, and Waldorf among other towns and cities throughout the state.  We had multiple grads hired to bartend in Hagerstown in Western Maryland. Our school and placement office has a long reach.

In Virginia as always a huge number of grads got hired in bars, restaurants and hotels in Arlington and Alexandria.  Beyond that grads landed bartending jobs in Richmond, Blacksburg, many in Fairfax, Vienna, Woodbridge, Springfield, Herndon, Leesburg, Fredericksburg and Chantilly to name some of the towns and cities where our grads landed bartending jobs this year.

As we have in past years we hosted employers at our site and were able to bring in multiple grads to interview for positions with these bartenders.   The biggest event was a job fair for the internationally known Homestead Resort in Southern Virginia.  Additionally we hosted a job fair for local restaurant Notting Hill in Alexandria.  Regional restaurants, bars, and clubs have found our location to be a convenient and great place to host a job fair and attract potential bartenders from throughout Md, DC, and Virginia.

Of course you can see pictures of many of these recent bartending hires on our Facebook page. Its astonishing how many graduates either work or are in college and use our program to pick up part time jobs in Va, DC, and MD.  We service the entire region.  Check out pictures of some hires in Bethesda, Rockville, and Silver Spring

We at the Professional Bartending School are glad you finally decided to make it! You’re reading this because you’re curious about what the bartending world has to offer. Where else can you make great money, drinks and friends at the same time?

Since 1968, the Professional Bartending School has been responsible for training more DC, VA, and MD bartenders than any other source. WHAT this means is that for over 40 years we have been building and maintaining relationships with hundreds even thousands of bars and restaurants all throughout the DC Metro area and deep into Maryland and Virginia.

From 2010-2012 our grads landed about 1200 verified bartending jobs per year!! We have been publishing this on our Facebook Page. Real grads, real bars, real jobs, real dates. No made up marketing slogans or promises. Real results.

You can’t get that anywhere else! Bartending jobs can be hard to come by without experience, but with the help of our job placement assistance director and our huge job lead list, contacts, relationships, and processes, becoming a bartender within a week after graduating is possible. Remember: Jobs come to us. If a bar or restaurant needs bartenders, they call us when they want people, and it’s our job to supply them with you!

Taking the first step can be difficult, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the restaurant industry. Our program is specifically designed to make you feel comfortable working behind a bar. We will cater to any schedule, as well as work with any kind of learning curve. We will work with you to make sure you not only understand the basics of bartending, but that you leave here with the confidence and knowledge that every bartender needs in order to secure a job.  We are really easy to access, we are on Metro, we have parking, and we run classes at convenient hours:  We have made our bartending classes accessible and near you.

Call us today to set up a time to come in for a Free Bartending Class. There’s no better way to see what you’re getting into than to actually experience it for yourself first hand. Think of it as test-driving the car before you buy it. If there’s anything we can guarantee, it’s that you’ll love our facility, neighborhood, access to Metro, free parking, job placement assistance program and awesome instructors! We hope to hear from you today!

You may be interested to know how well known we are.

  • We are regulated by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.
  • We are connected with bartending schools around the world through various organizations.
  • We are long term members of the BBB.

Everyone in the region knows the Professional Bartending School. Check our media page for references from channel 7ABC, channel 5Fox, WKYS 93.9, the Washington Post, the Post Express and the GW Hatchet, just to name a few. On our testimonial page you’ll find that we were recruited to teach bartending by a group funded by the Organization of American States. On our Testimonial Page you will find reviews of our services from local bar owners and managers, the people that hire our grads.

One additional feature is that we are known as nationwide leaders for national reciprocal bartender job placement. It’s a function of many elements including:

• Our job placement assistance is incredibly effective on a local/regional basis.

• Bartending Schools around the nation know this. They want to be associated with us because we are so successful in helping grads get work.

• Naturally they want to provide the same type of effort on behalf of our grads when this occurs.

• Our own methods for finding bartending jobs ranks with anything you will find anywhere in any source on the web or otherwise. Why? Because we have incorporated our decades of experience from many employees, owners, etc. that includes bar ownership, bartending, bar management, HR experience, extensive networking and selling into the food and beverage industry. We’ve hired promoted and fired bartenders. We have placed thousands of bartenders through our various schools. In 2010 we helped grads get about 1200 bartender jobs…and posted the specific grads, the jobs and the dates. No other source can come close to matching this.

Lots of different bartending schools can provide you with help. Among them, we’ve worked well with the operator of a Connecticut Bartending School. Find it at Bartenders Academy; 501 Kings Highway E, Fairfield, CT 06825.  We cooperate with a New York Bartending School at 500 8th Avenue, NYC and another New York City Bartending School at 252 West 29th Street, NYC and a North Carolina Bartending Schoolat 6512 Six Forks Road, Raleigh, NC 27615

If you are looking at the West Coast consider these Los Angeles Bartending Schools. In fact if you take our course be sure to get the full assistance that includes our “how to get a bartending job” process. Its so powerful that it has assisted our DC region grads in getting jobs across the nation and around the world, information you can find on our Facebook page or by visiting our school


If you’ve ever listened to The Russ Parr Morning Show on 93.9 WKYS you’ve probably heard of Shaqwana… You talk about a crazy girl!! Shaqwana came to us a few months back to get her feet wet behind the bar and try something new, and while she was here she shot some video footage of her goofing off in class. (I ended up stepping behind the bar to show her a thing or two) She ended up graduating with flying colors, so if you’d like to see some of our shenanigans, click on Shaqwana at the Arlington Bartending School