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Hottest Hiring Season In years. Ask about our Placement Assistance Successes

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Placement Updates  2014, 2015, and first half 201 6

Our graduates landed 1200 bartending jobs during 2014. The pace remains the same in 2015.  Our school has been documenting about 1100 to 1200 bartending jobs obtained by grads every year for about the past five years.  You can see the entire list upon visiting the school. From mid Spring 201 6 through the summer we have seen more job leads than at any time in years. Overwhelming need for bartenders!!!!

Extensive Job Training and Placement

No other bartending school in the nation has managed to do this or report this.  We simply put enormous resources and staff power into turning up more leads, contacting more employers, interacting and communicating with the employers, providing close guidance in helping our grads interview and impress employers and enormous follow up.  Its a big investment by the school in time and resources.   It works.

Remy working an event at the Convention Center this Spring

Kia is bartending at the Mighty Pint at 19th and M downtown DC

Getting graduates real bartender jobs that YOU can verify is the biggest difference between The Professional Bartending School and every other bartending school in the region. Here are facts. You can see them on our Facebook Page or Visit the School and see  lists of grads who got work.

You can see references to a lot of them and their pictures on our Facebook Page

or you can visit us and see every single graduate, their new bartending position, the date, and place. Its very realistic. Its huge, consistent, and entirely different from slick marketing promises. Real bartending jobs, real people, real places, real dates.

Numerous employers in DC, MD, and VA repeatedly use The Professional Bartending School to find bartenders. You can see the popular bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants, and caterers who hire from us again and again. Just visit and check out our lists.

No bartending school in the nation can show any kind of information like this. Typically none are willing to even try and do this. The simple fact is we deliver results.

Every other bartending school and on-line bartending course makes the same two claims as follows:

• Lifetime job placement assistance
• National job placement assistance

The difference is we deliver enormous results. The other difference is YOU can see them for yourself. Here is how it works.

Finding a bartending job after you graduate is our main priority. We don’t just want to teach you how to sling some drinks and then send you on your way. We want to make sure that the tools we’re giving you will carry into the real world so that you can get a job as a bartender upon graduation.

When deciding which bartending school offers the best job placement assistance, you must first ask yourself some very important questions:

  • How long has this bartending school been in the area?
    We have been the premier bartending school in the Washington, DC area for over 45 years!! No other school comes close to having the kind of contacts and relationships with bars and restaurants that we do. For over 40 years we have been building and maintaining relationships with hundreds of bars and restaurants all throughout the Washington, DC area. No other school is more respected or well known than the Professional Bartending School. We grew up with this city!
  • What makes job placement assistance from this school so different from the others?
    The fact that we’ve been around the longest and have the best reputation around should be enough to prove that we are the real deal. On top of that, we are the only school with a full time designated Job Placement Assistance Director whose sole responsibility is to help assist graduates in finding bartending jobs. We don’t just talk about how good our job placement assistance is, we can actually prove it to you by showing you our current list of employers and where our grads are working throughout MD, DC and VA.
  • What kind of establishments has the school worked with in the past?
    We’ve worked with everything from bars and restaurants to clubs, hotels, dive bars, pool halls, fine dining restaurants, various catering companies, major sporting events, and private parties. Many popular clubs such as Love, The Park, K Street Lounge, and Ibiza, have hired our graduates before and continue to do so today! We’ve even had bar owners and managers conduct job interviews here at the school!
  • How hard will it be for me to get a job?
    We can’t say for sure how easy or difficult it will be for each individual person to get a job once they complete the course. Everyone is different. Establishments are looking to hire people they know will be responsible, fun, and social. Bartenders are supposed to have outgoing personalities and great attitudes. We can’t teach these things here at the school.
  • Do you guarantee jobs?
    Nothing in life is guaranteed, including our job placement. We can’t make an employer like you and want to hire you… that is going to be up to you. This is not to say, however, that we won’t help you in the process. Not only do we have a list full of potential employers, but our entire staff has over 50 years bartending experience combined. We make sure that you leave the school knowing all the do’s and don’ts of the interview process, and all the confidence you will need in order to secure a job on your own.

    You can always rely on the staff to help answer any questions you may have concerning the actual interview. After all, everyone that works here is a bartender and can give you the kind of insight into the job interview process that you can’t find anywhere else. Also, if you sign up for Free Class, we’ll be happy to show you our job placement assistance list once you get here!

  • How do you generate job leads?
    Most of the time, the jobs come to us! For over 25 years we have been consistently sending out thousands of emails and mailings throughout each year encouraging employers to post their job leads with us. On top of that, one part of the Job Placement Director’s duties include continuously calling restaurants we’ve either dealt with in the past or wish to deal with in the future to generate job leads. The list now becomes a list full of establishments that are open-minded to hiring our graduates. Now you can go with confidence!
  • Can you prove that students are getting jobs once they graduate?
    Absolutely! We always encourage students to call us once they get a job, as well as follow up with them. If you come in for a visit we’ll be happy to show you where our graduates are working.
  • Is it difficult to get a job with no experience?
    This question can be difficult to answer because the answer really depends on you. Do you have an outgoing personality? How confident are you? Do you have a good attitude? Can you sell yourself? Do you have a good sense of humor? Will you listen to our advice and apply them on your job search?

    Remember: The establishments that are on our list are places we have dealt with in the past or are currently working with now. These places know that our graduates have little or no experience, which should help you in feeling more confident when looking for a job.

  • Do you deal with private parties?
    Yes! Someone will call the bartending school informing us of a private party they will be hosting. We will then get the party info and pass it on to a graduate. All the money you make from the party goes straight into your pocket. None of it goes to us.

If I move to another state, can you help me find a job?
Our direct job placement only goes as far as VA, DC, and MD. We do, however, work with other schools to help assist you in getting jobs in other markets just like we help assist their grads when they move into our region. We have been working with bar school owners and managers throughout the decades and have well-established relationships all across the country. Secondly we utilize the most powerful effective “how to get a bartending job system” in existence.   How do we know it works so well? See the results.  Here are some examples:  A Bartending School Fort Lauderdale at 3419 North Dixie Highway, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 954 566 0433 helped several of our grads land jobs in South Florida. The owner of an Atlanta Bartending School at 2359 Windy Hill Road, Marietta, GA 404 705 7070 stepped to the plate immediately to assist one of our terrific accomplished former grads.

Also, we are members of the WBTO (World Bartending Organization) that provides bartending job placement assistance and refresher classes around the world.

Here is a small list of some employers that have hired our graduates just over the last year:

  • The Palm, VA
  • Twelve Lounge, DC
  • Legends, MD
  • International Town and Country Club, VA
  • Armand’s Chicago Pizzeria, DC
  • Epicurean, DC
  • Light Horse Restaurant, VA
  • Cobalt, DC
  • Monterey Bay Fish Grotto, VA
  • Pure, DC
  • 300 Shady Grove, MD
  • Brass Monkey, DC
  • Bethesda Country Club, MD
  • Union Jacks, VA
  • Okra’s Louisiana Bistro, VA
  • Ultra Bar, DC
  • Café Salsa, VA
  • Indique Heights, MD
  • Lincoln Theater, DC
  • Chili’s, VA
  • ESPN Zone, DC
  • Buffalo D’s, VA
  • Rosa Mexicana, DC
  • McCormick and Schmick’s, MD
  • Penn Quarter Sports Tavern, DC
  • Alero, DC
  • Kennedy Center, DC
  • Red Hot & Blue, VA
  • The Wharf, VA
  • Ping, VA
  • Mike’s Place, DC
  • Heaven & Hell, DC
  • Houston’s, MD
  • Zanzibar, DC
  • Carlyle, VA
  • Odyssey Cruises, DC
  • Chadwick’s, VA
  • EJ’s Landing, MD
  • Laughing Lizard Lounge, VA
  • Left Bank, DC
  • A.V. Ristorante Italiano, DC
  • Mezze, DC
  • Bambule Brasserie, DC
  • Hilton, Old Town, VA
  • Cross Creek Golf Club, MD
  • TGIFriday’s, Reagan National Airport
  • Coppi’s, DC
  • Manor Country Club, MD
  • Don Q’s, VA
  • Ridgewell’s Catering Company
  • Tivoli, VA
  • VIP Airways Club, Reagan National Airport
  • Guapo’s, DC
  • Hard Times Café, VA and MD
  • Bailey’s Pub and Grille, VA
  • Doubletree Hotel, VA
  • H Street Martini Lounge, DC
  • Ledo’s Restaurant, MD
  • Jackie Lee’s, DC
  • Vapiano, DC
  • Chima, VA
  • FUR Nightlcub, DC
  • Bertucci’s, DC
  • Tom Tom, DC
  • Spaghetti Garden, DC
  • LOVE Nightclub
  • Peyote Café, DC
  • Roxanna, DC
  • Hyatt Regency, VA
  • City Tavern, VA
  • Heart & Soul Café, DC
  • Mango Mike’s, VA
  • Chatter’s, MD
  • The Flaming Pit, MD
  • Harry’s Tap Room, VA
  • Columbia Station, DC
  • Las Tapas/Costa del Sol, VA
  • Capitol Hill Premium Cigar Bar, DC
  • Hawk and Dove, DC
  • Greenfield, MD
  • Marshall’s, DC
  • Clyde’s, DC
  • H2O, DC
  • The Park, DC
  • SAKI, DC
  • Filomena’s Ristorante, DC
  • Foxfire Grill, VA
  • Farrah Olivia Restaurant, VA
  • Congressional Country Club, MD
  • Kitty O’Shea’s, VA
  • Summers Restaurant, VA
  • King Steet Blues, VA
  • Ruby Tuesday’s, Clinton, MD
  • Peacock Café, DC
  • 201 Lounge, DC
  • Chili’s Hamburger Bar and Grill, VA
  • Cosmo Lounge, DC
  • O’Malley’s, VA
  • 24 Lounge