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Bartending Job Placement Updates:

Its February, almost Spring and our graduates were hired about 100 times in January!!!

December hires have been for lots of parties and events, but also a Waldorf, MD bar, a downtown club, a popular place on H Street, in Georgetown, several bars in DC, Arlington, Centreville, Tysons and more!!!

Grads hooked up over 100 bartending jobs in September, from Dupont Circle to Waldorf to Herndon to National Harbor

Parties, Parties, Events and Catering!!! Do you know bartenders and staffers are working EVERY DAY between September and Christmas, staffing events?

We've direct placed grads at events all over the region in September, October, 2016 and have more scheduled for the next two months.

Bartending School Near Me

The Professional Bartending School has been serving the entire DMV since 1968. We are a regional bartending school serving DC, Maryland, and Virginia, (primarily the DC region), plus the Panhandle in West Virginia for well over 40 years. We serve students and employers of bartenders.

Our school is very convenient, centrally located, right on the DC metro system, AND we have free parking on site. That means even if you are a little distance from this school, you can get here by car, by Metro, by many buses, by train, and Metro. And we have a huge number and variety of schedule choices; from early morning hours, to after work hours, to Saturdays. A map is provided below. You can use it to get directions via Google, and access by car or public transportation.

And some more about accessibility. Every week day we offer 3 different class times;

  • Morning classes that run from 9AM to 1PM
  • Afternoon classes that run from 1:30PM to 5:30PM
  • Evening classes that run from 6:PM to 10PM
  • AND two Saturday classes that run from 9AM to 5PM

That means you can take classes after work, or early in the day, or take the mid day class and avoid commuter traffic.  You can combine the afternoon class with either morning or evening class and get two classes done in a day.  Our scheduling is infinitely flexible.

We get students who contacted us while serving overseas but wish to get skilled in bartending when they return to the States.  There are an enormous number of places to stay in the region for visiting military.  So strangely, even if you are far away our bartending school and classes are really accessible and near you, if you choose.

Call us to find out more at (703) 841 9700. Or email us at