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Bartending Job Placement Updates:

Hiring continues to be RECORD BREAKING through all of 2014. From March 1 thru June 15 our grads landed over 475 bartending jobs in DC, VA, and MD. As of late November grads have hooked up about 1100.

PBS direct staffed about 15 parties throughout MD, DC, and VA. Its a wonderful opportunity. We present direct bartending opportunities to our graduates through the many calls that come to us from hosts.

Large Spring time events occurred throughout the region. Our graduates staffed the Craft Beer Fest at the Convention Center in March and a Cherry Blossom Festival. About 80 graduates worked those events, made income and had a blast.

Meanwhile grads kept landing bartending gigs throughout the region. Freddy at the new Republic in Arlington, Jae at Cafe Deluxe in Gaithersburg, Kia at the Mighty Pint in Downtown DC are just a few.

Washington, DC Bartending School

Successful Job Placement Assistance is through the roof. Grads hooked up 1200 bartending jobs during 2014 and on that pace in 2015

Bartender employers throughout Washington, DC have been contacting the Professional Bartending School for decades. In fact, some of our grads now own restaurants! You can find our bartenders in popular areas like Georgetown, U Street corridor, H Street corridor, at Union Station bars, up Connecticut Avenue and Wisconsin Avenue, and all throughout popular clubs, hotels, and restaurants in the city.

The major and newest club owners continue to contact our bartending school to hire grads for the popular DC club scene. At any time you will find that dozens of current bartenders working in DC’s most popular nightclubs are grads of our school. In fact, many of our most noted grads have been and are club managers and trainers. Name a club! We bet nine times out of ten many of its bartenders came from the Professional Bartending School.

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