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Bartending Job Placement Updates:

Spring 2016 has been one of the busiest bartender hiring seasons in our memory.

In a 2 month period we received bartending job leads, directly and uniquely for our grads from over 70 different bars, hotels, restaurants, lounges, clubs,etc, from DC, MD, and VA.

Large Spring time events are occurring throughout the region and our grads are staffing multiple events, again directly through our leads

Meanwhile many grads have picked up positions with caterers currently crazy busy with Spring to Summer events. On our side we've direct booked grads for hosts from calls we've received and have grads scheduled to bartend parties through July this year

Virginia Bartending School

Successful Job Placement Assistance is through the roof. Grads hooked up about 1200 bartending jobs during 2014 and on that pace in 2015 and 2016

Name a bar, club, restaurant or hotel in Northern Virginia and they have probably heard of the Professional Bartending School. It’s no surprise. We have been operating in Arlington location since 1968. Not only can our graduates be found in bars, hotels, and restaurants in Alexandria, Falls Church, Arlington, Springfield, Reston, Leesburg and everywhere else…. our grads are working all throughout the state.

Whether you are from Northern Virginia or wish to apply this skill anywhere in the state, our training program, hands on instruction, and overall bartending experience can help you. See this story about Frankie; now well known as one of the premier bartenders and cutting edge mixologists in Roanoke:

We have a long reach throughout the state. We have job leads listed in Blacksburg. Wow…that is 3-4 hours away! Again, not surprising. While most of our bartenders come from the entire DC region and its VA and MD suburbs we have loads of grads working in Southern Virginia as well as every major college town and significant community in the state.

If you want to find out about what is happening in Virginia bars, clubs and restaurants you may want to check with us first. Everyone knows us.

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