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Bartending Job Placement Updates:

Spring 2016 and rolling into early summer has been one of the busiest bartender hiring seasons in our memory.

In the last 2 months (60 days) grads have landed about 220 bartending jobs. We are distributing TONS of leads from MD, DC, and VA, close to 100 different employers in the last 75 days.

Large Spring time and early summer events are occurring throughout the region and our grads are staffing multiple events, again directly through our leads

We've direct booked grads for hosts from calls we've received and have grads scheduled to bartend parties through Sept, this year


View the second half here.

Brett Hollingsworth, a graduate from March ’08 worked at several different types of bars upon graduation, courtesy of PBS’s Job Placement Assistance. Some of the places he worked in include a popular lounge in DC, the ESPN Zone, Holiday Inn, a gentleman’s club and, most recently, the Bethesda Country Club, where he became the Bar Manager for their 2 bars, hiring and training a staff of 12 bartenders. When he’s not working at PBS, he’s taking on as many private parties (weddings, corp. parties, etc.) as possible. Here’s a link about him in the Washington Post Express.

Bartending is a great way for college students to make money and pay for school. It offers flexibility as well as easy money in a fun, stress-free environment. Crystal, PBS’s manager, used her tips to help pay for her classes, and she didn’t even have to take out any student loans!


There’s no avoiding it. Our economy sucks right now. Not only are people losing jobs, but a lot of people are having difficulty getting jobs. College graduates with Bachelors and Masters Degrees are finding themselves working in coffee shops and retail stores after graduation because no one’s hiring. Companies are cutting their spending by cutting jobs. People that have put in years of service are getting kicked to the curb.

The restaurant industry, fortunately, is one of those industries that is able to survive just about any economic climate. Not only that, but it’s fun, flexible and portable. You can take the skill of bartending anywhere. No matter what happens, you know you can always have this to fall back on.

The Professional Bartending School has been around for a LONG time, therefore, we’ve been featured in lots of media throughout the years. Here are a few examples:

You’re not the only one in this recession. Many people are finding themselves out of work, struggling to make ends meet. Even if you have a job, sometimes having a little extra income helps. (It never hurts, that’s for sure.) Recently, Emmy Award winning journalist, Pierre Katar of The Washington Post did a feature story here at the Professional Bartending School. His story focuses on the struggles people face in a bad economy and how bartending will help them.


By the way, Tim Jacobs got a job working at The Zone in Upper Marlboro while Josh Cardin started slingin’ drinks at Medieval Dinner Theater in Alexandria, VA!

Another news article, The American Observer, did a piece on the economy and, once again, how bartending can help people earn some extra cash. The woman featured in this story – Sherri Barmore – got a job working at Onyx right after she graduated!

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