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Bartending Job Placement Updates:

It is July and that means IT IS BARTENDING HIRING SEASON!!!

May and June were GREAT MONTHS for grads and JOBS. We received and sent out a TON of job leads from employers in DC, MD, and VA. A TON. Employers are DYING FOR TRAINED STAFF.

Between 150-200 grads landed bartending jobs in April and May, from current feedback. We KNOW that means 200-250 actually hooked up new bartending gigs in the last 2 months ALONE!! We will get tons more feedback from employers and grads alike.

AND ITS HOLIDAY PARTY SEASON!!! That means bartenders are working parties EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK through us directly catering contacts and event schedulers!!!! There is a lot of bartending work out there!!!


Successful Job Placement Assistance is through the roof. Grads hooked up 1200 bartending jobs Jan through December, 2014 and are at a similar pace in 2015 and 2016.

The free bartending class is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a FREE class. You have the opportunity to come to the school on a day and time that works best for you. You can actually sit in on the lesson for FREE! Seeing an actual class is a great way to see what it is you’re getting into before you actually commit to anything. It gives you a better idea of how everything works. If you like, you can even get behind the bar to try our hands-on training method! You’re more than welcome to speak with our staff and ask our current students how they are enjoying the program.

Many people hear “Free Class” and automatically think there is some sort of catch. You can rest assured there is no such thing. We really just want you to come in and see everything for yourself. All you need to bring is yourself, maybe a couple of dirty jokes and an open mind! Stay for five minutes, stay for the entire class… it’s up to you.

Some questions people have regarding free classes:

  • When do you offer free classes?
    All the time! You tell us what day and time works best for you and we’ll schedule you to come in on the class that is being taught at that time. (Visit our class schedules page to find out which schedule works best for you.)
  • How do I go about making an appointment to come into one?
    All you have to do is call the school. We will figure out which class works best with your schedule and go from there.
  • Do I have to stay the whole time?
    No. How long you stay is strictly up to you. Remember though: The longer you stay, the more you get, and the more opportunities you’ll have to get behind the bar and make some of the drinks you just learned!
  • Will taking a free class count towards my class?
    It depends. If you take a free class on a Monday and come back the next day to enroll, we’ll count your free class as your first class.
  • Can I bring a friend?
    Of course you can! The more the merrier! You wouldn’t go anywhere without your drinking buddy, would you?

Recently, The Professional Bartending School was featured on Fox 5 with Holly Morris! Click Here to watch us make fools of ourselves Try not to laugh too hard!

Also, if you’ve ever listened to The Russ Parr Morning Show on 93.9 WKYS you’ve probably heard of Shaqwana. You talk about a crazy girl!! Shaqwana came to us a few months back to get her feet wet behind the bar and try something new, and while she was here she shot some video footage of her goofing off in class. (I ended up stepping behind the bar to show her a thing or two) She ended up graduating with flying colors, so if you’d like to see some of our shenanigans, click on the following link: