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Hottest Hiring Season In years. Ask about our Placement Assistance Successes

Successful Job Placement Assistance is through the roof. Grads hooked up over 1200 bartending jobs between Jan and Dec, 2014 and is on that pace in 2015 and 2016.

“raising the people that raise the bar”

How to become a bartender

More of our Graduates Become Working Bartenders than all Other Bartending School Sources in the DMV

We have more people actually getting bartending jobs than all the other bartending schools in the DMV and all of Maryland and in Northern VA combined.  If you are looking to become a bartender we can help you.

Here are some numbers.  You can visit us and look up EVERY grad, every job, every bar, every date.  Its published.

  • 1200 bartending jobs in 2010
  • 1200 bartending jobs in 2011
  • between 1100 and 1200 bartending jobs in 2012
  • Over 500 bartending jobs through May 20, 2014

If you live in the DMV and beyond we can help you become a working bartender

Since mid 2009 week after week and month after month we’ve consistently and publicly reported grads landing about 20-25 bartending jobs. Nobody matches that. No other source is willing to try. Its amazingly different from any other way to become a bartender.

Our hands on classes in a real bar are DIFFERENT.  We not only teach a lot of drink recipes with easy to remember memory tricks, we actually train people to be effective efficient fast paced bartenders.  It can get you hired, it helps you stick at your bar, it helps you get promoted.  Our instructors are bartenders with deep experience.  They’ve worked a lot of bars, they’ve risen through the ranks.   They know what works and what doesn’t work.

Our management knows it too.   Our management stems from having owned a busy killer bar.  We hired the bartenders, we promoted the best bartenders, and we had to fire bartenders that weren’t working out.  We know how to help people become a bartender.

Everyone on the staff has bartended.  They’ve bartended and they have managed bars and bartenders.   There is a lot of hands on knowledge about the industry in our school.

We are connected to the employers in the region.  We know them, we contact them all the time.  They contact us when they are looking for bartenders.  Our placement system is active.  We reach out to employers all the time.   They contact us.   We have been in contact with employers since 1968.  The market is familiar with our bartending school.  We are the only school in the region and one of the few in the nation with a full time placement director.  Every month, at least 1,000 emails go out between our placement director, grads and employers.   There is a lot of action going on to help graduates become working bartenders.

More about the Professional Bartending School

The Professional Bartending School is AWESOME! We occupy the entire second floor of a red brick building, right in the heart of Arlington, less than 5 minutes away from Georgetown, DC. We are 2 blocks from a Metro Stop (Courthouse). So you can access us from anywhere!

Not only is our neighborhood beautiful, but our facility has everything you need to make you feel comfortable behind any bar. Our bar is the classroom, with bar stools and everything. The Professional Bartending School, after all, is run and operated by current working bartenders who also designed the layout of the bar. It’s about as realistic as you can get!

What we offer:

  • FREE parking!!
  • METRO access!! (2 blocks away from the Courthouse Metro, off the Orange Line)
  • 4 full bars (stocked with all the most popular liquors and liqueurs that you’ll find anywhere you go)
  • 10 bartending stations (This includes 10 soda guns, 5 ice wells and 5 speed racks)
  • 2 ice machines (We officially named them David and Goliath.)
  • Sirius XM Radio with surround sound! (We play everything from House to Hip Hop!)

Wait until you see it for yourself! You’ll absolutely love it. Call today to visit and see how we turn students into working bartenders. More people throughout Maryland, DC, and Virginia become bartenders than all other sources combined

A great way to see all of this is to visit our facility at 2440 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington VA, 22201 or call us at (703) 841 9700 and sit in to watch a free bartending class. Its amazingly realistic and lots of fun.