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Bartending Job Placement Updates:

It is June and that means IT IS BARTENDING HIRING SEASON!!!

May was a GREAT MONTH for grads and JOBS. We received and sent out a TON of job leads from employers in DC, MD, and VA. A TON. Employers are DYING FOR TRAINED STAFF.

Between 150-200 grads landed bartending jobs in April and May, from current feedback. We KNOW that means 200-250 actually hooked up new bartending gigs in the last 2 months ALONE!! We will get tons more feedback from employers and grads alike.

AND ITS HOLIDAY PARTY SEASON!!! That means bartenders are working parties EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK through us directly catering contacts and event schedulers!!!! There is a lot of bartending work out there!!!

Professional Bartending School DC MD VA

  • We have been operating since 1968. We are the most established and well-known bartending school in the DC, MD, VA region. When people think about bartending schools in the DC, Virginia, Maryland area they refer to the Professional Bartending School
  • Graduates land bartender jobs. We prove it. We have published who gets jobs, where, and when consistently since mid 2009. No other bartending school dares to do this. In 2010 our bartender school grads landed about 1200 bartender jobs. It occurred again in 2011, 2012, 2013, and in 2014. Its evidence of an active bartender job placement assistance program that actually works. See it on our Facebook page or come in and see an actual list of grads getting real jobs.
  • We are regulated by the State Council for Higher Education in Virginia
  • We provide national alcohol management certification. Our staff includes “trainers of trainers”. Bartender employers want that certification. We have trained the entire staff at Love Nightclub and hotel staffs in this program.
  • Accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. We have an A+ rating.
  • Our classes are fun, thorough and dynamic. Arrange a free bartending class visit. Bring a smile and questions. Its fun.
  • No hidden charges. Our price includes everything.
  • Lifetime job placement assistance and free refresher classes. We have been operating for over 40 years. Graduates have taken advantage of this for decades.
  • The most accessible location in the metropolitan DC region, serving Maryland and Virginia. We are on Metro rail. We have abundant on site free parking. We’re located one mile outside Washington DC and are incredibly convenient after work or at all hours.
  • Flexible scheduling. The Professional Bartending School has more staff, offers more class hours, and is always available. You can rely on us.
  • When you visit us, the first thing you will notice about our facility is how organized, clean and structured everything is. Our facility includes:
    • Two offices dedicated to admissions, one office for the instructors and the students, an audio/visual room dedicated to watching the TAM video and holding job placement interviews, as well as a kitchen area for those students wanting to bring their own food.
    • A 36ft bar full of all the gadgets and gizmos you’ll need to shake, rattle, and roll!
    • Four full bars, with each bar containing all the liquors and liqueurs you will need to learn the basics of bartending.
    • 10 bartending stations! Each station contains an ice well, fully functional soda gun, mixing set, ample supply of straws, sip sticks, muddlers, layering spoons and juices. We’ve got everything!
    • Killer surround sound system with Sirius Satellite Radio
    • Two commercial grade ice machines that produce over 800 lbs of ice each day