Things To Do In DC

The DC 20s & 30s Going Out Group is one of the best choices for Things to Do in the DC region. Its been that way for years. Its the largest 20′s and 30′s group in the country and the largest meetup group in the DC region. Its been around for over a decade. Nothing better defines the different events they schedule around the region than these two comments that have followed events.

It’s a really awesome meetup group. The members are friendly, and the activities are fun and awesome!


This group has the absolute perfect balance of the kind of activities I want to get involved in. Good Find!!

We are big fans of the group.   One of the organizers is a grad of our bartender school.   J.T. Yaung, is an organizer for 3 popular meetup groups, is a serial entrepreneur and years ago decided to take our classes to pick up an extra lucrative skill.

He developed quickly and you could soon find him on weekends behind one of DC’s most popular, crowded and lucrative club bars. In fact, you can catch his skills about 25-28 seconds into this promotional video for UltraBar J T doing his thing at UltraBar.

According to J T, he developed those working flair skills by practice. You’d have to ask J. T. how lucrative it was to work at UltraBar. We know, though, from hundreds or thousands of grads that have worked at these clubs, its a great way to make extra $$.

at the bar

Over the last several years, the 20′s and 30′s Group has arranged popular fun 3-4 hour Sunday bartending classes at our conveniently located school in Arlington on Metro.

The classes provide instruction in a real bar setting, teach about 20-30 very popular drinks, and enable the Group Members to get behind the bar to make these recipes.

It’s a huge success and evidently a lot of fun. You can see just how engaging and popular these sessions appear just by reviewing the pics from this June Meetup and an earlier Meetup in March. Looks like a lot of dynamite mixologists!!!

If you are looking for some exciting things to do in DC you couldn’t pick a better group than the 20′s and 30′s Going Out Group.

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