Yelp Reviews Of The Professional Bartending School

We are grateful for the terrific reviews that students/grads write about the Professional Bartending School.  Go ahead and read them.  You can find a lot on The Yelp page for bartending schools.  We just went back over them. Currently as of mid  2017 there are 53 on Yelp.  You have to dig though to find all of them.  As of this time, 10 are being shown and 43 are what Yelp describes as “not currently recommended”.   The old Yelp term for that was filtered.  It’s some kind of Yelp algo to figure out which reviews to show and which not.  It’s been a controversial issue.

You can find the “not currently recommended” reviews by clicking on a light shaded link beneath the last review.  That link is at this moment labeled “20 other reviews not currently recommended”.  That takes you to the reviews that Yelp decided it didn’t want to highlight or include in the overall ratings

We aren’t going to complain. Its Yelp’s system. But if you want to read them, go ahead. Here is some information we gathered up from the current 27 yelp reviews:

  • They cover a lot of years. One was written as far back as 2007. Some are written this year.
  • 44 of the reviews are 5 Star. Wow!!! Thanks a lot!!
  • 7 are 4 Star. Wow!!! Again, Thanks a lot!!!
  • 1 is 2 Star. The person didn’t attend the school. They called us and were put on hold. We apologized.
  • 1 is 1 Star. We responded. We are sure it was planted by a competitor. We gave our reasons why. As Yelp suggested we contacted the writer via Yelp. The person never responded. We checked our enrollment records. Nobody by that name from that town attended our school. We are sure it was faked.

The reviewers were from Virginia, Md, and DC.  Excepting the faked one and the person put on telephone hold they are all students in our data base. Two were from out of state.

One of them was from somebody named Adam, from Bethesda written in 2008. We checked with him earlier in 2017. He is still bartending and managing for the same employer. Cool. That is long term value.  

Another review of our bartending school came from Noah from Silver Spring written in 2010.  He kept bartending through 2016.  We know he picked up new bartending jobs in 2016 because of our placement assistance.  

If you visit our school for a free class and want to review job placement records, you will find his name on placements during this past 12 month period.

If you can’t find the reviews but want to read what graduates of our bartender school have said over many years, contact our school at (703) 841-9700.   We’ll copy the pages and email them to you.

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