Bartender Jobs | Job Fair For The Homestead

The Professional Bartending School (PBS) was pleased to welcome The Homestead, one of the premier resorts in the United States, as they conducted a large number of exclusive information sessions and interviews with PBS graduates and current students. All interviews were conducted in house at the Professional Bartending School at its convenient and central location in Arlington, on Metro, and convenient to the entire Washington DC and Baltimore metro regions.

The Homestead

Onsite bartender job interviews with The Homestead
DC bartending school hosts the Homestead for onsite bartender job interviews

The Homestead is one of America’s premier full service luxury resorts. It’s history dates back for over two and a half centuries as a resort and health destination. The Homestead sits along the Eastern slope of the Allegheny Mountain Range and features the greatest expanse of Hot Springs in Virginia. It includes a variety of gold courses, and has been a featured location for National Championships for many years. The legendary Sam Snead made the Homestead his home base and became the local pro, along with holding the record for most victories on the PGA tour. Sam Sneads Tavern is one of the many dining options at The Homestead.

The Homestead features Virginia’s oldest Alpine skiing slopes, fine dining, opportunities for extensive fly fishing, horseback riding, a large family and children’s center and is a favorite destination for corporate and institutional meetings. Over time twenty-two US Presidents have vacationed at The Homestead.

Of recent The Homestead was purchased by KSL Resorts and is part of a major hospitality chain currently representing nine iconic full service resorts that span the nation and include Ocean and Ski Havens along with The Homestead, clearly the most historic resort in its group.

The Professional Bartending School

The Professional Bartending School (PBS) is the oldest, largest, and longest running bartending school in the DC region, and the largest bartending school in the mid-Atlantic. It is centrally located within the Washington DC metropolitan region in Arlington, Virginia, and is convenient to students and employers region wide, easily accessible via Metro and with on site parking. Over the years the school has consistently contacted thousands of regional employers including hotels, bar, restaurants, caterers, and all employers of bartenders. The school features FREE Job Placement Opportunities toward employers and lifetime job placement opportunities for grads.

PBS graduates and students meet with the Homestead Resorts about bartending jobs
PBS graduates and students get interviews with The Homestead


The onsite visit by The Homestead was only one of many such on-site visits by employers wherein bartending and hospitality employers get to interview graduates of PBS at its convenient and central location to the entire DC metropolitan region. Over the years PBS has hosted employers for on-site interviews from regional chains such as TGIF and Applebees, most of the Clubs in DC, and a great variety of local restaurants and restaurant chains. Our grads have used bartending training to secure jobs at Hotels and other food and beverage chains, rose through management ranks and returned to PBS to hire new employee bartenders. Some of our grads own restaurants and clubs and have come back to interview and hire our grads.

PBS regularly contacts the largest base of potential bartending employees in the region. We are the go-to choice for innumerable employers of bartenders of all types. Grads that utilize our placement services include recent and long experienced bartenders and graduates. Every year we provide bartenders for parties and corporate events, often in large numbers and will pair new bartending graduates with long experience, sometimes well over a decade.

Large employers of bartenders for venues, concerts, sports arenas, and major events will regularly contact PBS for bartending staffing needs. We provided in excess of 50 bartenders for the recent two day inauguration events, and fulfilled that staffing requirement in about 2 days. Concert, arena, and stadium staffing companies have contacted us for bartenders for their events and have often fulfilled their requirements for certified bartenders within 2 or 3 hours.

Alternatively with thousands of graduate bartenders in contact with the school we have been able to staff requirements for various establishments looking for deep experienced bartenders, and bartenders that meet various criteria that fit the requirements of each individual food and beverage establishment.

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