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We can provide more trained, knowledgeable, certified bartenders for catered events, hotels, clubs, restaurants, parties, weddings, receptions in Virginia, Maryland, and DC than any other service in the region. And we provide them on an ongoing basis all the time. For hiring bartenders just call us at (703) 841 9700.

The Professional Bartending School is in its 6th decade in serving the bartender needs of this region. As the longest running, largest bartending school in the region, with the most resources, we have more bartenders available to work more events than any other source. Get a feel for the huge scope and resources that can help you staff any hotel, bar, club…or any size event virtually anywhere in the greater DMV region.

For about the last three decades, we have annually graduated well in excess of 1,000 students/year. Lots of them are available for your establishments or events

As of late 2016, we are currently in touch with substantially over 2,000 bartender/graduates who can be made aware of your parties and events or might work at your restaurant or bar. We regularly handle requests for managers or grads with special qualifications.

Need a bartender in one days time?

We have accommodated that very tough need. There probably isn’t another service in the region that has the resources and contacts to handle those needs.

Do you need special bartending including a mobile bar, deep experienced bartenders, an ability to custom develop a package that will turn your event into an unforgettable party?

Our grads have provided those services for years.  For example, contact our graduate Mixin Mimi Bartending Services. Mimi is one of the region’s premier wedding/corporate event bartenders and has stellar testimonials.

Over the years during the holidays we have gotten requests for over 100 bartenders per weekend. We have satisfied those needs.

Do You need bartenders for a party, event, a wedding or Reception?

Virtually every weekend of the year we provide bartenders for parties at people’s homes, in event halls, in hotels, and elsewhere to staff the events that you might host.  We have and can staff parties from Baltimore to Richmond, in Frederick County, Southern Maryland, and virtually anywhere in Northern Virginia and DC.  If you need bartenders in this region just call us at (703) 841 9700 or email us at pbsplacement@gmail.com and reference Placement.

Are you a caterer and do you need lots of bartending staff or do you require bartenders with special skills?

For many years we have serviced large and small caterers throughout the region.  Whether its a December holiday season event, the enormous needs of a Presidential Inauguration, or a major National Sporting event such as the week long PGA US Open in June 2011, we have provided great numbers of bartenders for various staffing needs.  Do you have events with special needs in personnel.  We have taken requests for bartenders that speak various foreign languages and fulfilled the requirements.  Just contact us, give us ample time and we will fill your staffing needs.  Contact us at (703) 841 9700 or email our placement office at pbsplacement@gmail.com.

Do you need bartenders with deep catering experience?

We have them.  Some of our grads have been bartending/catering parties for over a decade.  They have worlds of experience and terrific references.

Bartenders for Clubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Pubs, Pool Halls, Fine Dining, and Neighborhood Hangouts

The Professional Bartending School is the largest source for bartenders throughout the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.  Our graduates work everywhere.  You can read through our site, see pictures of them, reference them on our blog, see more pictures of them on our DC bartending school Facebook Page, and probably meet them at bars throughout the region.

Do you need bartending staff?

Contact us at (703) 841-9700.  Email us at pbsplacement@gmail.com.  We have bartenders with experience, new bartenders, bartenders who live near your establishment, bartenders who can work full time or part time….and simply more great staff than any other source.

Real Bartender Employers Enjoy working with the Professional Bartending School

Real employers with experience and discerning tastes use our placement services to hire bartenders.  This isn’t a trite statement or an unsubstantiated marketing gimmick.  Visit our bartending school reviews page and see what some of the best, biggest, and most well known employers in the region have to say about working with the Professional Bartending School. Then call us at (703) 841-9700. We will be happy to work with you.

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