Free Bartending Class

Arrange a Free Bartending Class Visit

Before you jump in take a look at what we do and how we turn students into bartenders.  Our classes are completely hands-on.  They are fun, interactive, and over time students develop the skills that help them land and keep bartending jobs.  The visit is completely free and it’s an opportunity to better understand the program and how it works.

What Can I Do At The Free Class Visit?

Speak with staff and existing students.  Ask questions.  In fact, get involved!  Most times, we will get you behind the bar.

 You will experience the hands on training program and practice exactly what working bartenders do. 

Following lessons, the music gets turned on, and the classroom environment is exactly like a real bar or club. Students start practicing what they learned, immediately!

Hands-on training is fun.  See it for yourself.  Students take turns as bartenders and customers.  It’s entirely realistic. 

What Will I See When I Visit?


Well, you might see something like this …


Or maybe something a lot more “atmospheric” …


You might even learn how to walk!


When Can I Visit?

You can arrange a Free Bartending Class Visit at any time we are operating, Monday-Saturday during our work hours, and while staff is here to answer questions. 

Call to set up a time and day:  (703) 841-9700

I Have More Questions About The Free Class

We love questions! Here are a few that get asked all the time.

When Do You Offer Free Classes?

All the time! You tell us what day and time works best for you and we’ll schedule you to come in on the class that is being taught at that time. (Visit our class schedules page to find out which schedule works best for you.)

How Do I Make An Appointment To Attend A Free Class?

All you have to do is call the school. We will figure out which class works best with your schedule and go from there.

Do I Have To Stay For The Entire Class?

No. How long you stay is strictly up to you. Remember though: The longer you stay, the more experience you get … and the more opportunities you’ll have to get behind the bar to make some of the drinks you just learned!

Will Taking A Free Class Count Towards The Regular Course?

It depends. If you take a free class on a Monday, stay the entire time, and come back the next day to enroll, we’ll count your free class as your first class.

Can I Bring A Friend?

Of course you can! The more the merrier! You wouldn’t go anywhere without your drinking buddy, would you?  If two of you come and participate in the class you will start bartending and acting like a customer.  It’s not only fun but you will get the entire experience with a friend about the fun and reality of being a bartender.

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