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“This has been our go-to bartending school for almost 20 years! Whether sending staff for additional training or looking for viable bartenders, we don’t go anywhere else! From Republic Gardens to Dream & Love to The Park at 14th, we have always relied on the Professional Bartending School for our staffing needs. Tommy and his team are personable, knowledgeable and thorough. You owe it to yourself to entrust your staffing to them!”

Reviews and Testimonials from graduates, bar owners, bar managers, and bartender employers in Md, DC, and VA

A few years ago we received this wonderful testimonial from a student who took our program earlier that year and used our bartender training to augment his income for the following 6 months. We’re happy our program worked for him, and grateful for his kind words….

Mr. Hanavan,

PBS was just on my mind and I wanted to write you a quick note. I took your course earlier this year (Feb/Mar) in order to find a way to supplement my income. I work a white-collar day job that has promise but which pays very little. I thought bartending might offer an opportunity to learn a skill and land a job that wouldn’t force me to cut into my daytime working hours. After graduating I landed such a job within 3 weeks. So far I’ve worked in a music venue, restaurant/lounge, and a historic DC hotel. I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through this year without the extra income. I’m going back to college in Atlanta this January and I have confidence that with my growing resume I’ll be able to find work there to help me through school. I took your course seriously when I took it (3:53 time on the final) and really appreciated Ron’s lessons and one-on-one help (I still use his mnemonics all the time). Since graduating, Fatima has consistently hit my inbox with new leads, 2 of which resulted in my first 2 jobs. They’re both aces. In short, I just want to thank you for the solid service you and your staff provide. At the beginning of the year I was facing a bleak state financially and investing in PBS (something I was barely able to afford at the time) turned out to be a great decision. The investment has paid for itself many times over and best of all I know that the skill/resume is going to be a big help in my new city.

My thanks again to you and your staff.

Kind regards,

Before that wonderful note and since then we have received an overwhelming volume of positive reviews on many different review sites:  You can find them on Google, Yelp, on the page of reviews that Yelp mysteriously mostly hides from readers (its filtered reviews), on Facebook and on other sites.  The reviews across the board represent the comments of now hundreds of students.  Again we are grateful for the votes of confidence, but frankly we work hard to make this a great school.

We get positive reviews from employers!!  Employers!!   Maybe you have heard that employers won’t hire graduates from bartending schools.  Its repeated all over the country.  Well frankly we have had a strong group of employers and employer types that have hired our grads since the 1980’s.  Those types of employers have expanded to all types of bars, restaurants and clubs.  We receive good reviews because we work hard on the training and employment side and have been doing it for decades.

Go back to the review at the top: The review from Anne Barnes.  She and her husband Marc Barnes have hired our grads since the late 1980’s.  They have operated the region’s largest and best known clubs:  First it was Republic Gardens and then Dream and Love; among the largest clubs in the nation.

They have hired more of our grads from Maryland, DC, and Virginia than any club operators anywhere.  They told all of the subsequent club owners about our training.  These employers endorse the Professional Bartending School and its training.

The owner of Sutra Lounge, Club Timheri, and Savour Restaurant wrote this…

I have had the privilege of working with JD and the Professional Bartending School for the past four years. The Professional Bartending School has consistently delivered high quality well trained bartenders to staff my three bars. I would, without hesitation, highly recommend their services to anyone looking for fast, knowledgeable bartenders.”

Ridgewells Caterers has been the largest caterer in the region for decades and is one of the few national caterers in existence. We have worked with them for years. They are so big they created a separate internal staffing company, Purple Tie. Here is what their Director of Personnel wrote:

“Before Purple Tie was even created the Professional Bartending School has been the first choice for bartenders to staff Ridgewells’ Events for one simple reason; the Professional Bartending Graduates are ready to bartend. We have had PBS Bartenders work professional football games, professional and Major Championship golf tournaments, Presidential Inaugurations, State Dinners and many other high profile events.

In 2009 the Penn Quarter Sports Tavern was voted Best Sports Bar, DC. In 2010 it was voted Best Bar DC. Read comments by their general manager, Mo:

” Over the years the Professional Bartending School has helped us recruit some of our best team members. We would contact JD Klipper at the school, and he would give us based on his recommendation who would work for our bar. When we interview the candidates they are usually knowledgeable of the bar business, and service. We have had a continued success with our candidates so far, and we look forward to using the Professional Bartending School for years to come.”

The General Manager at U Street’s popular Tabaq wrote this about our placement services

“I have worked with the Professional Bartending School for a few years now and enjoy that fact that I can take their grads directly out of school and train them exactly the way I want. We have a had a great deal of success finding talent from them and I would recommend their staffing services to anyone looking to beef up their staff behind the bar.”

There is also an extraordinary testimonial from a graduate with an unusual past compared to most students but an extremely well written thoughtful post that we gave its own blog piece. Its a description how bartending can free yourself from a stressful career. Its worth a read.

Reviews from Bartending School Students and Grads

“I enjoyed this course and definitely enjoyed my instructors, Crystal and Moe. I am confident in knowing that wherever I bartend I will be more than qualified because of what I was taught here. Thanks for everything!!”
— Brittany Garr (Upper Marlboro, MD)

“I visited two other schools before coming to PBS… The difference was crazy. No other school made me feel more welcome and at home. Crystal and Mike were so nice. The instructors really knew what they were talking about, and I’m glad I made the choice to join PBS. Taking the free class was the best thing I could’ve done. I’m now walking away from this experience with more knowledge than I ever expected, and I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to get that anywhere else. Best money I’ve ever spent! Thank you!”
— Angelique Hairston (Forrestville, MD)

“This is one of the best experiences I have had since coming to this country. Loved the set up… great teachers, great staff. I can’t wait to talk about you guys to all my friends. Great, great school.”
— Jose Numbela

“The class was really cool. The instructor knew what he was talking about and broke it down so it was easier to comprehend. It helped he had bartending and management experience to let us know what they want in the field.”
— William Smith (Alexandria, VA)

“Anyone that wants to bartend should come to PBS because the lesson is thorough and quick to the point. The knowledge learned is amazing.”
— Priscilla Hutson (Washington, DC)

“This is the first time I’ve ever met someone that had so much passion for teaching. He genuinely wants us to not only learn, but apply and love this new skill as much as he does. Greatest teacher I’ve ever had.”
— Brian Powell talking about Jon Rice, PBS Instructor

“Tim’s a great instructor: Brings life to the classroom and makes the learning enjoyable. The drinks are taught and learned quick but it makes you work at learning them and understanding what goes in each drink. Being able to make drinks is one thing, but learning how to be a bartender and make it an art form is what we are taught. I’d recommend this class to anyone. It gives a person a chance to learn the drinks in a bar setting and to feel like they are actually working behind the bar.”
— Michael Parker (Springfield, VA)

“The Professional Bartending School in Arlington, VA is a very outstanding and very well organized school to attend. Along with a lot of practice space, you are able to come to the school at anytime to practice (even when there are classes!). I recommend this school to everyone across the East Coast.”
— Hope Hargrove (Richmond, VA)

“I enjoyed every bit of it. I have a new level of respect for the bartending profession. Thanks for the invaluable education.”
— Marc Trewick (Washington, DC)

“Jon was a great teacher! He is funny, smart, and very helpful with everyone in the class. I will truly recommend and of my friends and family to this school. The entire PBS staff made me feel very welcome every time I came in for class. Thank you guys very much for blessing me with a skill that I’ve always wanted, and will miss you all.”
— Jamal Swayne (District Heights, MD)

“Class was exciting, interactive, and tons of fun! The lectures were full of information, and our instructor made all the difference in the world. It was great!”
— Brad Masters (Centreville, VA)

“I knew that I wanted to bartend before registering for the class so I did not attend the free class, but did read the brochure that the PBS was kind enough to send to me. Not knowing what to expect from 8 hours of bartending classes per day for one week, I have to say that I am amazed at how much I was able to learn and how easy it was to take it all in. The instructors are great and I am so glad that I enrolled in this program. I had a lot of fun doing it! Thank you!”
— Tiffany Bishop (Fairfax, VA)

“This course met and exceeded all of my expectations. From the moment you walk in the door you are flooded with energy and enthusiasm. The course content was straight-forward and easy to follow, but the best part of the course is the instructors. They are extremely knowledgeable and absolutely hilarious. I’m completely confident that I could be a bartender in any establishment. I’ve never had so much fun sober. ”
— William Carter (Burke, VA)

“The class was great! The instructional part was easy to follow and very helpful. The ample practice time was exactly what I needed to feel comfortable making several types of drinks. The instructor was very outgoing and made the class a lot of fun. The mnemonic devices for remembering all the drinks was very helpful!”
— Cassie Frost (Alexandria, VA)

“Professional Bartending School is the best training out there for up and coming bartenders. You can’t learn to be a bartender unless you get behind the bar ad practice. PBS is the best place for true hands on training.”
— Rich Mayo (Sterling, VA)

“PBS was a great environment to learn the ropes of bartending… friendly staff, flexible classes, and a sound knowledge of how to land your first bartending job.”
— Nick Hummel (Arlington, VA)

“From calling, to walking in the door, to testing, everything was top notch. Crystal was an amazing help with information and payment. Tim was the best instructor. He could be enthusiastic and charismatic. He kept my full attention for every class and gave more than enough help and support. I would highly recommend PBS to all my friends. I will also come back to practice. Great environment.”
— Matt Fleming (Quantico, VA)

“I am not a drinker, I don’t frequent bars and had no active knowledge of liquor or call brands; however, I came to this school with the expectation of being an expert upon graduation and I wasn’t disappointed! Thank you!”
— Janyka Danoy (Centreville, VA)

“I had fun taking this course. I came here just to check it out and I absolutely fell in love with it on my first day. Thanks Jon and Crystal.”
— Andrew Asiimwe (Centreville, VA)

“Definitely the way to go. They took me from bar-ignorance to a professional bartender!”
— Derek Francis-Diamond (Arlington, VA)

“Great school. The only school I’ve ever been to that I did not mind attending. Everyone here was very friendly, polite, and helpful. One can tell that the instructors here want to teach and help the students.”
— Kristina Juhasz (Landover Hills, MD)

“The most helpful tool offered by PBS is the practice time. You can come in before the class and practice. The instructors offer real world advise that will surely help working behind a bar.”
— Andrey Korsak (Leesburg, VA)

“I took the class as an extracurricular type deal in case I ever got tired of my desk job. I learned a great deal and was impressed with the class, especially the hands-on learning experience I was given. I would definitely recommend the course to my friends or family.”
— Adam Lawson (Fairfax, VA)

“Great class. Awesome instructors that are very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. They adapt their teaching to your learning style. Well worth it, the best school around.”
— Ben Goldberg (Potomac, MD)

“Funny, realistic atmosphere!!! If only we could have disco lights. ”
— Monica Jackson (Temple Hills, MD)

“I’m very happy with every aspect of the learning experience I had. Tim is a wonderful and enthusiastic teacher who knows how to make learning fun. I can’t find any room for improvement with regards to facility, instructors, training, or information.”
— Miles Branch (Washington, DC)

“This was an outstanding course. I was told by some bartenders that I wouldn’t need the training
— simply get hands on experience. I couldn’t disagree more. I learned so many things that being behind the bar couldn’t teach. It was not only about mixology for me, it was also educational, and I must say the instructor, Moe, was fantastic!”
— Anissa Hargrove (Waldorf, MD)

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