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The Professional Bartending School focuses on Bartender Job Placement Assistance and gets more results than any bartending school in this region and probably more results with grads landing bartending jobs than any school in the nation.

“This has been our go-to bartending school for almost 20 years! Whether sending staff for additional training or looking for viable bartenders, we don’t go anywhere else! From Republic Gardens to Dream & Love to The Park at 14th, we have always relied on the Professional Bartending School for our staffing needs. Tommy and his team are personable, knowledgeable and thorough. You owe it to yourself to entrust your staffing to them!”

You can see a lot of it:  Visit our Facebook Page and scroll through posts.  Additionally visit the photos page and see at least a couple of hundred pictures of graduates at their bars:  Real People/Real Bars.  (In fact when you visit our Facebook Page you might want to look at the reviews by students.)

We have been posting live information about grads landing bartending jobs on Facebook for years:  Every week, week after week, year after year.  Bartending Job Placement is something we take very seriously and work hard at as we have been doing for decades.

Frank at the Dabney

If you visit on site you can see more comprehensive lists of grads who landed bartending work.  Its extensive, wide and varied.  Our grads use our leads to find full time and part time bartending jobs.  They work parties and events.  We are often called upon to staff bartenders for the largest events in the region including the inaugural balls, and massive holiday parties with thousands of guests and dozens of bartenders.  We staff weddings parties, graduations, corporate and community events.  Many of these are called in directly to our school and we give these events out directly to grads.  Its an amazing way to earn back one’s tuition for the program.

We Have A Full-Time Job Placement Director

We invest in job placement assistance.  It is expensive and time consuming.  We have known for decades that it is what students want.  We’ve been working at it, perfecting it, revising it for years.  It’s always getting better.  Only a large school can provide this service.

Most bartending schools don’t have a full time job placement director.  We do.  Our Job Placement Director is in constant touch with bartender employers of all types from hotels to clubs, to restaurants, to caterers, to neighborhood bars and to all the hosts that throw events.  

We receive leads from employers from throughout the region.  We not only cover the entire DC /DMV region but our leads have stretched to Baltimore and North, all throughout Southern Maryland, of course in DC, and throughout Northern Virginia, stretching South to Fredericksburg and West into towns in Virginia close to the West Virginia border.  We provide leads from Western Maryland and extensively in Frederick and Howard County.  With a full time job placement director, we can extensively work with employers.  This is one of the critical differences between our hands on training and a web based on line bartending school.  We receive and generate real leads from real employers all the time, and have been doing this for decades.

Our Job Placement Assistance Program Is Extensive

The training, certifications, and job placement program has helped numerous grads land bartending jobs across the county and around the world.  We’ve heard back from grads that have landed bartending jobs in many distant states, and on every Continent in the world, except Antarctica.

Besides hard leads that come directly to us from employers we provide an extensive, sophisticated program of methods that work to find, land, and advance at bartending jobs.  It works.  Many of our local grads use it to land jobs in this region.  We know it works from all the graduates who have landed bartending across the nation.  Its been developed over many years, reflecting real ways to find and win jobs.  We’ve had graduates add insights into it.  Its extensive.  We can address the concerns of students who are 18 and address the concerns of students who are older, more mature, and are looking at career change.  We have records of all these kinds of students who land bartending jobs and feedback from employers that help the process.

Every other bartending school and on-line bartending course makes the same two claims as follows:

  • Lifetime job placement assistance
  • National job placement assistance

The difference is that we deliver enormous results.

Questions You Should Ask When Considering Job Placement Assistance

How established is this bartending school  in the area?

We have been the premier bartending school in the Washington, DC area for over 50 years. No other school comes close to having the kind of contacts and relationships with bars and restaurants that we do. For more than 50 years we have been building and maintaining relationships with thousands of bars, restaurants, industry personnel and the employers all throughout the Washington, DC area. No other school is more respected or well known than the Professional Bartending School. We grew up with this city!

What makes job placement assistance from this school so different from the others?

The fact that we’ve been around the longest and have the best reputation around should be enough to prove that we are the real deal. On top of that, our full time Job Placement Director directly contacts employers throughout the region.  We’ve been doing this for years.  We update lists with new establishments and delete places that close.  That alone is an immense job.  It keeps generating real job leads all the time and from throughout the region.

What kind of establishments has the school worked with in the past?

We’ve worked with everything from bars and restaurants to clubs, hotels, dive bars, pool halls, fine dining restaurants, various catering companies, major sporting events, and private parties. Many popular clubs such as Love, The Park, K Street Lounge, and Ibiza, have hired our graduates in the past and new clubs continue to do so today! So many employers know us that they conduct job interviews on site where dozens of graduates have an opportunity to meet with these employers and get hired.

How hard will it be for me to get a job?

We can’t say for sure how easy or difficult it will be for each individual person to get a job once they complete the course. Everyone is different. Establishments are looking to hire people they know will be responsible, fun, and social. Bartenders are supposed to have outgoing personalities and great attitudes. We can’t teach these things here at the school.  We give you guidance on all these topics but you are going to have to absorb and make these practices a natural way of your work.

Do you guarantee jobs?

Nothing in life is guaranteed, including our job placement. We can’t make an employer like you and want to hire you… that is going to be up to you. This is not to say, however, that we won’t help you in the process. Not only do we have a list full of potential employers, but our entire staff has over 70 years bartending experience combined. We make sure that you leave the school knowing all the do’s and don’ts of the interview process, and all the confidence you will need in order to secure a job on your own.

You can always rely on the staff to help answer any questions you may have concerning the actual interview. After all, everyone that works here is a bartender and can give you the kind of insight into the job interview process that you can’t find anywhere else. Also, if you sign up for a Free Class, we’ll be happy to show you our job placement assistance list once you get here!

How do you generate job leads?

Most of the time, the jobs come to us! For over 25 years we have been consistently sending out thousands of emails and mailings throughout each year encouraging employers to post their job leads with us. On top of that, one part of the Job Placement Director’s duties include continuously calling restaurants we’ve either dealt with in the past or wish to deal with in the future to generate job leads. The list now becomes a list full of establishments that are open-minded to hiring our graduates. Now you can go with confidence!

Can you prove that students are getting jobs once they graduate?

Absolutely.  You can get a great feel for this by visiting our Facebook Page  and even better see hundreds of our grads at their bars on the Facebook Photos Page.

You can learn more by visiting.  We have lots of cool evidence and examples of grads landing work throughout the DMV and around the country and the world.  Set up a free class visit.  It’s fun.  Call (703) 841 9700.

Is it difficult to get a job with no experience?

This question can be difficult to answer because the answer really depends on you. Do you have an outgoing personality? How confident are you? Do you have a good attitude? Can you sell yourself? Do you have a good sense of humor? Will you listen to our advice and apply them on your job search?   But the best evidence that you CAN land bartending jobs without experience is that many many of our grads without any prior experience have landed bartending jobs with our help.

Remember: The establishments that are on our lists are places we have dealt with in the past or are currently working with now. These places know that many of our graduates have little or no experience, which should help you in feeling more confident when looking for a job.

Do you deal with private parties?

Yes! Someone will call the bartending school informing us of a private party they will be hosting. We will then get the party info and pass it on to a graduate. All the money you make from the party goes straight into your pocket. None of it goes to us. Every year we do this a lot.  The good news for our students is that we are one of the primary sources to fill these kinds of positions.

If I move to another state, can you help me find a job?

Our direct job placement only goes as far as VA, DC, and MD. We do, however, work with other select schools to help assist you in getting jobs in other markets just like we help assist their grads when they move into our region. (703) 841 9700. We have been working with bar school owners and managers throughout the decades and have well-established relationships all across the country. Secondly we utilize the most powerful effective “how to get a bartending job system” in existence. We can guide you based on years of experience.

Here is a small list of employers that have hired our grads in the last two years

Our Placement office staffed parties, weddings, events, barbeques, corporate and non-profit events with approximately 1,000 grads. 

When hosts and staffing companies are looking for bartenders they call our school.  We might be the largest independent staffing source for bartenders in the region.  Probably by a lot. 

Visit our office to see the volume of events that we provide for our grads.  All of these events allow for the grads to earn all the money as the school does not take a fee. 

It’s easily one of the easiest, most lucrative, and most fun ways to earn part time income.  The 1,000 or so events recorded might easily represent 2, 3, 4, 5 or more times as many events as recorded.  Many staffing companies and hosts will hire our grads for countless additional events.

Bars, restaurants, Clubs hotels, etc:

  • MGM, National Harbor
  • Old Ebbitt, DC
  • McCormick & Schmicks, DC, Bethesda, Virginia
  • Pure Lounge, U Street
  • Ambar, DC and Arlington
  • Proud Mary, Ft Washington
  • TGI Fridays.  Over 12 different Fridays in DC, MD and VA have hired our grads
  • Uncle Julio’s, Reston
  • Timheri, Adams Morgan
  • Ventnor Sports Café, Adams Morgan
  • Johnny Pistola’s, Adams Morgan
  • Heaven & Hell, Adams Morgan
  • Maryland Live Casino, Hanover
  • Smokey Bones Bar and Grill, Bowie
  • Ruby Tuesdays Greenbelt
  • Martini’s Restaurant and Lounge, Ft Washington
  • Jamaican MeCrabby, Upper Marlboro
  • Kennedy Center
  • Decoy Lounge, Clinton
  • Froggy Bottom DC
  • Joselito, DC
  • Chima Steakhouse, Tysons
  • Bliss Nightclub, DC
  • Capitale, DC
  • Clyde’s of Chevy Chase, Ashburn, Alexandria and others
  • Applebee’s, College Park
  • Hamilton, Downtown DC
  • Penn Qtr Sports Bar, DC
  • 219 Restaurant, Alexandria
  • Broadlands, Ashburn
  • Grand Hyatt, DC
  • Champps-Columbia
  • FedEx Field
  • Don Tito, Arlington
  • Gaylord, National Harbor
  • BeClaws, Silver Spring
  • Doubletree, Arlington
  • Hyatt Regency, Reston

And thousands of more bars, clubs restaurants, etc. 

Visit us to see a full list.  Call (703) 841-9700 to arrange a visit.


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