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Bartending License DC MD VA / TAM Certification

Do you receive a bartending license from our school?  When you graduate you receive both a National Alcohol Management certification, and a certificate from the school which is regulated by the state.  Both of these are considered the equivalent of a bartending license in most jurisdictions.

Our certifications are included in the price of the school. No extra charges.  Many employers will ask about this.  It helps getting hired.  Call (703) 841 9700 for more information.

You can take our certifications anywhere!

  1. First, you’ll be recognized with a certificate from the school which is regulated by The State Council of Higher Education in Virginia. Consumers benefit via programs that are state regulated.

  2. Second, all graduates of The Professional Bartending School are nationally certified through the Techniques of Alcohol Management® (TAM) program. The TAM® program is the long standing industry standard for nationally recognized alcohol server training programs for the responsible service of alcohol. The certification is good for three years. Once yours expires, feel free to come back to the school and get recertified for a small fee.
  3. These are the documents and certifications that many employers describe as a bartending license.  They are invaluable in getting hired.

TAM IS VALUABLE and used throughout the DMV

  • Maryland and Washington DC both have laws that staff have alcohol awareness licensees on site.  (The specifics vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction).  Virginia encourages having alcohol awareness licensees on site)
  • The Professional Bartending School has been providing TAM training for over 2 decades. We are one of if not the longest continuing provider of this program in the region.
  • We have a TAM Trainer of Trainers on staff.
  • Employers have had us mass train their entire staffs. That includes large caterers, event providers, clubs, restaurants, bars, and hotels. We have been doing this for over a decade.  Employers VALUE this program
  • Employers outside our region hire our grads to bartend. TAM is an important feature of the program.
  • The price of TAM certification is included in our entire bartending program.
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The TAM® Program teaches:

  • Professional and ethical conduct when serving alcohol

  • Techniques for reducing alcohol-related accidents and incidents

  • Techniques for preventing the illegal sale of alcoholic beverages to minors.


The TAM® program training meets the certification requirements in many jurisdictions throughout the United States.

For example, Maryland requires at least one employee to be certified. Montgomery, Howard, Hartford and Kent Counties, plus Annapolis City require a TAM® certified staff member to be on the premise at all times when alcohol is served.

Many states, counties, municipalities and employers have similar mandatory certification requirements. TAM® is the #1 such program in Maryland, and widely used in Washington, DC and Virginia.

With tougher drunk driving laws than ever, TAM is a valuable asset for Virginia restaurants. We were referenced as a server training resource to new Virginia restaurateurs by a Virginia ABC official.

Need a DC managers license or need to train your staff in TAM? Give us a call! You can find out more about TAM® by visiting Not only is TAM® training included in our course, but we provide group training for bars, clubs, restaurants, and hotels throughout the DC region. Have a question? Call us at (703) 841-9700.

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