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Cost of Bartending School | MD, DC, VA and Nationwide

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The cost of our bartending school, payment program options, and the benefits of taking our short fun program is easy to find out. Just call at (703) 841 9700.

The price of our school is very moderate and the value is in Job Placement Successes.  Compare this to college or any training program and the speed of payback is astonishing.  Its always been true with the Professional Bartending School.  Here are some facts that highlight the volume of bartending positions our grads land:

  • During 2014, 2015, and 2016 our grads landed about 1200 documented jobs PER YEAR. That is about 100 bartending jobs/month. Students take our program, use our placement program and find out that it can pay for itself remarkably quickly. Sometimes in a weekend.

  • You can see how many of our grads land jobs by visiting our Facebook Page and scrolling through posts.

  • You can see many of our bartender grads at their bars. It’s very real. Visit our Facebook Photos Page: Hundreds of graduates at their bars.

  • Low affordable price and consistent placement assistance and success for years. The value and payback has been consistent for years.

A different way to look at it is that the entire cost of our 40 hour hands on program is roughly the cost of text books for a semester at a 4 year college.  That is crazy!!!!.  Our grads can take our program, finish it in 40 hours, even use a payment program interest free, and start earning that money back in a week or two.  All you have to do is invest in yourself. 

The price of the school has remained the same since 1987. Oh my!! The cost of everything has exploded since then. It’s remarkably affordable and can pay for itself within one nice weekend of bartending.

The real value is in getting bartending jobs and having this new skill work for you.  It’s worth a call or a visit to see if this would work for you.

Call Us: (703) 841-9700


The Quality, Knowledge and Experience Of Our Instructors

As the oldest, longest running, most well known bartender school in the region, not only do we get the best instructors, but they constantly upgrade their skills.

Check out reviews on our instructors. They are phenomenal.

Not only that, our instructors are available to respond to graduates long after the students have left the school and are tending bar.

That’s commitment!

quality instructors

Hands-On Training

We have a large built out bar that can accommodate a lot of students and provide an extraordinary learning experience.

Hands on training means you get behind the bar to practice the drinks you learned, then rotate with another student and get to watch, quiz, and order from the other student who is now behind the bar.

Hands on training

Free Refresher Classes and Lifetime Placement

We have delivered for over 40 years. In recent memory three times we gave entire free refresher programs to graduates who had taken our program 18 years earlier. Graduates take our program, bartend, stop, and come back to us a decade later. We retrain them for free and give them updated job placement.

Fast Payback

Here is the one feature that has consistently grabbed more prospective students than all other reasons. More graduates land bartending jobs through us than all other sources combined! For the last several years on a very consistent basis graduates land about 100 bartending jobs per month. They are all published. No false promises. Nothing made up. Real people, real places, real dates. In many cases you can see pictures of these grads on our website and Facebook page and visit them at their bars.

That kind of dynamic training is the closest experience you will have to real life bartending, is a lot of fun, and it speeds up your learning process. The payback can be quick and rapid. Several days of bartending can pay for the entire cost of your training. Some popular bars in Adams Morgan that have hired our grads for years, made it possible to earn the entire cost of the class in one fun filled busy weekend of bartending. Even if you are working in a slow bar its probable you’ll earn the entire cost of the program after a week or so of work.

Think about it—you learn and develop a tremendous skill in just 40 fast hours, you get an incredible full service job placement program to help you get work…and you can earn that money back in one week!!!! Its an astounding value!!! And of course best of all bartending is fun!!! For more information or better yet to visit our school and get a feel for the value and payback arrange for a free bartending class.

Call Us: (703) 841-9700

  • Arrange a visit.
  • Bring questions and bring a smile.
  • It’s a lot of fun, extremely valuable…and it may help you pick up an incredible skill.
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