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Become A Bartender In Maryland, DC, Virginia

If you want to become a bartender in Virginia, DC, or Maryland try our bartending school.  In 2014 our grads landed over 100 bartending jobs per month.  In 2015 and 2016 our graduates landed over 75 bartending jobs per month.  We are on pace with that number of recorded jobs in early 2o17.

We have been helping Professional Bartending School grads hook up bartending positions in the DMV for close to 50 years.  In fact, we’ve been helping grads land these bartender jobs long long before the region was popularly known as the DMV!! 

The easiest way to see how many of grads land bartending work is to visit our Facebook Page.  Read the posts, go to the photos section.  Every week you will learn of new bartender hires.

As the Sports Newscasters Often Say……Lets go to the highlights!!!!

A number of our grads picked up bartending jobs at some of the regions best known bars, clubs and hotels including, busy J Pauls in Georgetown, popular LOVE Nightclub, the well known Hanger Club in Camp Springs, Sutra in Adams Morgan, Nicks, the popular Country Western bar in Alexandria, TGI Friday’s in Tysons,  the esteemed Park Hyatt Hotel in DC and the long term casual and popular Proud Mary’s in Fort Washington, MD.   Quite a number of those popular places have hired dozens of our grads over the years.

It’s also been party time throughout the region.  Graduation, Weddings and special events were abundant this spring and we are the recipients of tons of calls from hosts looking for bartenders to staff their parties and make their guests feel welcome.  Many of these calls were from pleased hosts who had used our services in the past.  During these past 6 weeks we arranged for our grads to bartend at parties in Maryland in Baltimore, Frederick, Potomac, Fort Washington, Germantown, Clinton, and Bethesda.  A number of our grads bartended special party events in DC.   In Virginia you could find our grads at events in Richmond, Woodbridge, Leesburg, Springfield, Mclean, Arlington, Great Falls, Ashburn, Alexandria, Haymarket, Manasses, and Annandale.  No matter where you are from in the greater and expanded DMV, we can probably help you find bartending work.

Lets not forget the large event venues.  They are extremely familiar with our bartending school and often call us with bartender staffing requirements.  Fed Ex field, the DC Convention Center and two different employers handling staffing for the US Open at Congressional Country Club all hired a lot of our grads in the past few weeks.

A Couple of Nifty Accomplishments

Enough with pure facts, figures and statistics.  Here are a couple of neat little accomplishments from some of our grads.  Yadira, who has a job with the government took our Saturday program over a five week period.  Once finished she came to our Placement office after work on June 7th, got a lead directly from our full time Placement Director, Fatima, and landed that bartending job the very next day!!!   Whoa!!!  Now that is fast!!!!

Meanwhile we got this feedback from Cate a graduate from this past Winter.  Cate had a lot of food and beverage experience over the years and has a great personality.  After finishing the school she got leads from our Placement office, hooked up a bartending job or two, honed her skills, and then ran into a bar manager that she knew from before.  He hired her on the spot.  Now she is one of the lead bartenders at the very popular Auld Shebeen Irish Pub in Fairfax.  Cate works the regular Irish bar during the week and the very popular basement club on the weekends.  Reportedly she is making very BIG BUCKS and that is only after a few months of experience.  Congratulations Cate!!!

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