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Fun Classes In DC

This might be the most fun you will ever have in a class.  Go through our reviews.  You  will find endless comments about how much fun these classes are.

Its so much more.  We train students on how to become bartenders and help them get bartending work.  Lots of them.  Its not only fun, its a real training program with a skill that can be used for a lifetime and anywhere.

The instructors are REAL.  They have been bartenders, they bartend now, and they relate to our students.  Years after people graduate they recontact our instructors for guidance and help.

Where else will you find a training program performing DC’s best Harlem Shake or have Super Hero Day??

Besides fun, the long running program offers a 40 hour hands on training with national certification and the best most comprehensive job placement program in the mid Atlantic.

Its really amazing.  Who would think that you can learn a skill, practice a lot, turn it into a great way to make money and enjoy every moment of class.  

In fact the best way to get a feel for this is to visit our school and see it for yourself.  
We’ll probably get you behind the bar on your visit.  

Interested?? Give us a call at 703 841 9700

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