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Every Spring and Autumn to Christmas we receive hundreds of requests for bartenders.  Occasionally, it stretches to thousands. We have fulfilled these staffing requirements for decades. These are easily among  the best and most plentiful seasonal jobs available. Once your bartending skills are down, you have opportunities to work parties, special events, with caterers, through us, on your own or with a group all year long. It’s an incredible skill. It’s fun, and you can earn thousands of dollars every year. 

Chandra as a holiday bartender

Peak Seasons

There are two peak seasons for party and event bartending.  They occur during Spring to early Summer  and it starts again in September running through Christmas and New Years Eve. For the past several decades, every single year, we get requests for bartenders to staff parties. During the first three weeks of December, these requests run into the hundreds of staffers needed for events.

Its an astonishing opportunity for people who want to pick up a part time skill, have fun, meet people, make contacts, and of course make a lot of money. Nothing could be better.  Call our Bartending School at 703-841 9700 to take advantage of these opportunities.

We feed you endless opportunities to earn money

You earn all the money.  We aren’t an employment agency.  We don’t earn fees for getting you jobs. When we hook you up for a party or a catering opportunity, you earn every cent.  We are basically putting money in your pockets.  It’s really simple.  If you are savvy and work well with us, you can set up a continuous stream of income.

We give you an outline on how to assist the hosts of private parties.  We train you in all the drinks that are popular in any kind of event.  We have helped bartenders craft special theme drinks for themed holiday parties.  We set you up to work and act like a pro…even if it’s your first time out.   Once you have mastered the skills behind the bar to make popular drinks, its actually quite easy.  Again and again, our graduates tell us the vast majority of these events are lots of fun.

We get a lot of feedback from hosts.  We’re happy to promote our grads and help them get additional bartending work.  In fact when getting testimonials, we will promote our grads.

A Party/Catering Bartender Star

kerli phillipeOver many years, Kerli personifies the kind of person who has a lot of fun with catering/party bartending, makes a lot of money, and meets a lot of people some of whom with which she is still in touch.  Additionally Kerli just plain enjoys the parties and bartending. We interviewed Kerli about catering bartending.  Here is some background, plus questions and answers:

Kerli took our class in the late 1990′s.  At the time she was in college and working two jobs.  She first learned about catering bartending opportunities from our instructor.  It opened up a lot of doors:

Question:  How did you get into party and event bartending?

Answer: I learned about party and event bartending from the instructor.  I jumped on that bandwagon and ran with it.  I love the variety of events…I have done parties of different cultures and tried different foods.

Question:  Why did you decide to get into bartending?

Answer: I was people watching at the bar one day…and noticed how much fun the bartender was having…and how much meny he was making…then a light bulb flashed above my head…since I loved partying so much…I should be behind the bar…

Fortunately for Kerli and us, she found the Professional Bartending School.

A star at work
A star at work

Question:  Did you work with caterers, on your own, with other bartenders?

Answer: All of the above.  I get jobs from caterers, friends, clients obtained from Facebook and Craigslist, bartenders, DJ’s, and promoters.

Kerli can’t tell us how many events she has worked in total…but when the opportunity arises …she is there.  We know that. We have scheduled Kerli to work endless events over many years. Here is why. She is reliable and clients love her. Never an issue/ we often get tremendous feedback from the hosts.

Kerli has held down a full time day job for years.  In all that time she has continued to bartend part-time including all of those events plus at several bars and clubs in DC and Maryland.

Question:  List some of the best parts of this job and work?

Answer: I love the party scene.  I love music and meeting new people…and the extra income is a major bonus.

Bartending has allowed me to earn extra money to afford the things I want and need.  When I first started bartending my goals were to pay off my car and purchase a townhouse.  Bartending allowed me to meet my goals a lot quicker.

Here it is almost 20 years since she first started bartending events and Kerli continues to do this.  Most of all she still enjoys it.  The people are nice, the music is going, everyone is having a good time, and the money is still there.  Its 2017 – almost 20 years since she took our program – and Kerli, who is well established, still does 20-30 bartending events per year.  She is so well established, the events come to her.  We still contact her about working events.  Most of the times we call she is already booked.  Having established these skills years ago bartending catered events is a terrific sideline for our superstar, Kerli.

Kerli continues to bartend.  She markets herself on Craigslist and facebook as Curly Que. We love her. If events come up, she is always on our list to contact. Hosts are lucky if she works their event. They are getting a real pro!!

December Bartending–Tis the Season!!

Brett holiday bartenderOur manager Brett (the very happy dude in the middle  ) is a graduate of the school and an experienced bartender.  Among other places he bartended at a significant hotel in Montgomery County and a major country club where he became the bar manager Every year starting with the last week of November, events dominate all the time.  The hotels and private clubs host continuous parties.  Bartenders have the opportunity to work all the time and make bank….week after week.  It’s a gold mine. As manager, Brett found that former bartenders at the club would call all the time, working to get on the November/December schedule.  It was golden.

We spoke with the Director and hiring manager for the staffing company that staffs for the largest caterer in DC, MD, and Va Ridgewells. They are extraordinarily busy right now. He described the difference between 2009 in the midst of the recession and just two years later. In October 2011 they had more “big events” during that month…then during the entire 2009. And they are still scheduling events. Its an absolutely great time for parties and events…and a great time to be a bartender.  Since then the volume has increased from 2011. Caterers, hotels, event staffing companies – they all need bartenders and they all contact our school to hire our grads.

The Professional Bartending School—An Enormous source of Hiring for Events

Denise signed up for our program in late Autumn, early Winter.  She finished training as the December Holiday Party Season took off.  Here she is below, bartending at a party in Alexandria shortly after she graduated.  The hosts called our school direct and we arranged for Denise to work this event and get paid directly.  Great hourly salary rate, fun work, almost always a tip is added to the fee, and if she impressed the hosts and their guests, she had a tremendous opportunity to gain additional parties.  It’s a gift.

Denise bartending party

While the hot seasons are Spring to early Summer and Autumn to Christmas/New Years, we get calls to staff parties all year round.  Here are Emanuel and Liam, working a July Tiki Bar themed event in Alexandria.

tiki bar

Repeat Customers

If you are good and dedicated to this, you will get a healthy amount of repeat customers.  Here are two pictures of Chris – a grad from several years ago – who regularly picks up parties from our Placement Office. He works our system well, and is tremendously reliable as far as his hosts/clients and our staff is concerned. Here he is, working a themed 60’s party from one of his own repeat customers.  Chris has picked up numerous events directly from our Placement office.  Now he has repeat customers—because he is a pro!!

Chris party

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