How Long is Bartending School in MD, DC, or VA

How long is bartending school in the DMV, MD, DC, or VA?  
In our case it is a 40 hour program.  The program is made up of 10 different classes, each 4 hours long (See our Schedules Page).  It is ENTIRELY hands on.  This program has been operating for over 50 years and gets phenomenal reviews
from students.

That means you will learn cocktail recipes, all about liquor, the ins and outs of
bartender customer service, and every detail about working behind the bar from
A-Z.  You will practice everything you learn, all behind the most realistic bar you can imagine.

A forty hour program is equal to one week of full time work…but our program is worth tons
more.  You will learn how to mix and prepare over 100 cocktails, learn the recipes with memory tricks that stick,
and practice, practice, practice.  Grads come out of the program with ample speed skills at multiple drinks and have
found work at fast paced clubs throughout the region.  They learn how to multi-task behind the bar
and how to become two handed bartenders.


Practice in class and apply it at work.

Can you learn all this in 40 hours?  If you aren’t sure arrange to visit and chat with students just like you.  We call this visit a free class.  Go ahead arrange it.  Call us at 703 841 9700. 

More about our 40 hour program.


As mentioned above a 40 hour program is the accepted length of time and curriculum in most states and approved by their educational standards office.  It is the rough equivalent of one week of on the job training.  How can it break down for you.  

A healthy number of students see it as the exact equivalent of a one week on the job training program.  They start that Monday and finish that Friday.  One of the best success stories resulted in a student starting the class on a Monday morning -finishing and passing on that Friday and working at an Adams Morgan club bar that Friday night.  Great payback!!

You will learn a lot.  You will pack it in.  Every week (for years) we have students choosing this option; either Morning and Afternoon, or Afternoon and Evening.  Thousands of grads see it as a perfect option to gain this skill in a quick week of training.

The two week program

With this schedule you choose either morning, afternoon or evening time periods.  You take one class a day.  You have more time to absorb the materials.  Start on a Monday and finish the following Friday.  It is the most popular weekday schedule.  By the way, most weeks of the year we can schedule your start time for the following Monday or any week you choose.

Saturday Schedule  5 Saturdays in a row/two classes a day.
This is a popular option for people with a busy work week and things to do weekday evenings.  Start any Saturday and finish in 5 weeks.  Over the years thousands of motivated students have chosen this option.


Flexible Schedules
Here is where we excel and are different.  If your schedule is demanding or subject to change you can still take our 40 hour program and finish in a reasonable time period.  With 17 different class times per week we can always accommodate your needs.  We will go over our schedules and your needs, give you a calendar of classes and allow you to pick and choose classes with the minimum of requirements.  You will need to finish the entire 40 hour program.  One great example of people who choose this are members of police or fire departments with work schedules that have them on 3 or 4 days and off the rest.  Our scheduling makes it easy to finish the program in 2,3, or 4 weeks.  If you need to discuss schedules call us at 703 841 9700.


 Of course with
our program if you feel you need more time—you have it.  No extra charges.  In fact when you graduate you have life-time
membership.  That means you can come back
for free refresher classes and you have lifetime usage of our placement program
with its updated leads from employers. 
We generate leads from employers and host employers for interviews as in
the photo below.


On site interviews for graduates

The 40 hour
program is regulated and approved by the State of Virginia, and qualifies you
to work in the entire DC region, throughout the nation…and the world.  We have been regulated by Virginia for
decades and have had an impeccable record. 
The program includes a National Alcohol Management Certification.  Employers value it. It helps people get
hired.  Read about our certification, TAM here.

The program
is entirely hands on.  For those that
learn best with a hands on program THIS IS IT. 
We have been teaching this way for decades and it has worked for decades
putting thousands of grads in jobs.  In
fact as employers become less likely to teach and train, more and more
employers use our services.   They
contact us with job leads and our graduates grab quickly at those leads and get
hired.  Our bartending jobs placement
service is a big part of our program.  Who
wouldn’t want to hire one of these two smiling skilled graduates


Smiling bartenders developing their skills in class

To get a sense of how much students love the program read more reviews, at Yelp or at Facebook.  You can find hundreds of reviews, written in their own words by various students over the years.  If you wish to learn more call us at 703 841 9700.  We have a friendly staff of bartenders and will answer all your questions.

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