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We received a fascinating testimonial from a recent graduate of our bartending school, a just retired military officer with 25 years service in the United States Army. His career path and choice are unique and offer a point of view different from most. After finishing the program he recieved job placement assistance and within a week found his first bartending job. Currently he is splitting his time bartending between a fine dining establishment in Maryland and another high end restaurant in Washington DC For privacy reasons he decided to stay anonymous with regard to this post. We respect that.

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The Professional Bartending School located in Arlington, Virginia is an absolutely First Class, professionally organized and operated learning center, which teaches a high-demand, lucrative trade in as short as one week’s time. As a retired military officer with 25 years of service including the training of literally thousands of soldiers, I give this school my highest personal endorsement with respect to its teaching methods, quality of instructors and the execution of its training program. In either the one or two weeks program (your choice), the instructors will teach all willing students how to prepare 150 popular cocktails and certify that each student is able to correctly mix 12 of those drinks randomly chosen by the instructor within 7 minutes.

Once the student is certified, the school’s endlessly helpful staff will kindly and effectively assist him (or her) with finding a job employing those newly acquired skills. I was hired within a week of my graduation, and I am now averaging more than $35 per hour doing something that’s easy, stress-free and quite frankly, a lot of fun. When I work catered parties, my salary is much higher – even jumping as high as $70 per hour (I’ve worked a number of weddings and special events that have lasted no more than 5 hours including clean-up and walked home afterwards with $350 not counting my Shift Pay). In the Northern Virginia-DC-Maryland area there is more than enough work in this field and how would you like to work a 25-30 hour week and go home with $1,000 – $1,750? I can tell you from experience that it feels pretty darn great!

Aside from what I think anyone would consider excellent pay for what one is expected to do and the abundance of free time I enjoy, I think the greatest aspect of this line of work is that I never have to take my job home with me. Someone recently suggested to me that because of the rank at which I retired taking this kind of work was a “step down” for me, but I disagree wholeheartedly. I don’t know too many of my former colleagues who make the kind of money I now make working the same amount of hours and without their Blackberries and iPhones ringing off the hook bringing problems and issues for them to solve at all hours, 7 days a week. Many of them have impossible deadlines to meet, already restrictive budgets to reduce even further, ridiculous demands from clients and bosses, and sadly, shattered marriages and family relationships because of the stress and hours they endure. When I walk out the door with my day’s substantial pay, I go home and spend the remaining carefree hours with my wife and kids. I wake up late and go to bed early. I never miss family events anymore and I’ve even managed to lower my blood pressure considerably. Who could ask for anything more than that?


The school is very friendly to the military and will help all willing students reach their goals in this field. I know that finding this school and taking a chance in enrolling really did help me change my life for the better. I sincerely hope many more people including my fellow brothers and sisters in the service will visit the school and attend the free orientation class and then decide to follow its path to a rewarding, enjoyable career – remember, somewhere in the world it’s 5:00 right now and Happy Hour is just starting – so come and join the party!

We appreciate the sentiments. What do you think?

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