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Online Bartending Classes

Will an online bartending school, classes, or a video help you get work in the DC, MD, or VA region?  

No, not that we’ve seen in the last 12-15 years.  How do we know?   It’s because the people who took those courses came to our school and told us.  Then they took our hands on bartending course that has helped tens of thousands of grads land bartending jobs.

We started seeing these people in the early 2000’s and we still see them.  They tell us they took an online bartending program.  They show us their online bartending certificates; but they didn’t  land bartending jobs like our grads do.  

Think of it.  Would you allow a person who took an online driving course to drive your car in busy traffic?   We wouldn’t.  Neither do bar managers trust bartenders with no practice or experience to handle their busy bars and demanding customers.  

But these same employers do hire our grads.

Many employers throughout the DMV contact us directly and hire our graduates.  They like the training program and the results.  You can see the evidence.  Visit our Facebook Page Photos Page where you can find hundreds of pictures of our grads at their bars..

Real People / Real Grads / Real Bars

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realistic training
You'll get realistic training in a large bar setup that recreates an actual working bar in the real world. Learn how to handle busy crowds like a pro!

Our hands on bar is realistic. 

Managers and owners have visited our school, and they are impressed by our bar set up.

Its like a busy bar with a large double speed rack, an extensive back bar with numerous call brands, and it includes all the equipment a real bar uses.  

Some managers have used our bar to train their new staff.  They know it works.  It enables new bartenders to learn how to become efficient and handle busy crowds.

You can also visit.  Set up a free class visit.  

Call Us: (703) 841-9700

When you visit, we’ll probably get you behind the bar and have you start practicing something that bars have had bartenders do for decades to get in the proper rhythm.  

Mastering that first drill and developing consistency is one of the keys to not only landing a bartending job but keeping it.  Visit and ask us about it.

PBS Graduates Land New Jobs

You can see how many of our graduates land bartending jobs.  Its enormous.  Scroll through the posts on our facebook page. Check this week, this year and previous years.  Day after day, week after week, month after month, and consistently for years our posts feature updates about grads that landed bartending jobs.  Its real.  In hundreds of cases you will see photos of grads behind their bars.  Its every kind of bartending gig, from clubs, to bars, to   restaurants, hotels, and parties.  See for yourself.   Is that a guarantee?   No.  We don’t guarantee jobs.  You do the interviewing and you land the job.  We provide help and direct leads from employers who contact us.  Good training, fun, and bartending job placement assistance are the foundations of our program. We have practiced that for about 50 years.  It works.

People With Bartending Experience Take Our Program

Over the decades many people with actual bartending experience take our program.  They are typically the servers that were moved up to become a bartender.  Maybe they started at a restaurant chain with weak bartender training.  They usually have a very limited repertoire and understanding of the job.   They take our program and they love it.  You can see their comments in reviews.

If people with experience value our training shouldn’t you?   They have a huge head start over you and now they have gotten dramatically better.

Our hands on bartending program is VERY AFFORDABLE

The cost of our program is LESS than the costs of a typical set of required text books for a college year. Possibly less than for a semester.  Its about the best cost/payback you can find anywhere for any kind of training for any kind of job.  

On top of that, we do have payment plans.  Ask about them.  Arrange a visit to our school and discuss payment plan options with our staff while you view the hands on training.

Call Us: (703) 841-9700

Of course our program is more expensive than the crazy inexpensive online bartending courses.  We have a large effective facility.  We pay rent.  We have experienced instructors that have bartended for years.  They give you insights and advice you will never find in a book, video or online.  They have bartended in this area and elsewhere.

They will give you the real dirt on how to work, do well, and earn good money as a bartender.

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