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Whether you are searching for mixology classes or bartending classes for Washington DC,  you have arrived at the best known, longest running, and most acclaimed school to learn these skills. The Professional Bartending School has been providing hands on bartending instruction in the region since 1968. Our graduates are popular and well known bartenders, masters of craft mixology,  owners and managers of restaurants and bars and the operators of mobile bars that service events throughout the region.

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What Is The Difference Between A Bartender And A Mixologist?

For most of the long history of bartending, one would never have considered a difference between bartenders and mixologists. Its only been in the last decade that the art of craft cocktails has begun to spread across the nation accompanied by media and news accounts. Its in that spirit that the two terms have begun to take on somewhat different meanings to those in the industry.

An entire new subgroup of expert mixologists specialize in both recreating the classic popular cocktails of the early part of the 20th century along with exotic new cocktails. These drinks combine a wide array of high quality and fresh mixers and garnishes with an ever expanding variety of specialty liquors and liqueurs. The drinks are expensive, the settings reflect the pricing, and the movement has taken on the name and role of mixologists in today’s media. In a sense they have become distinguished from the 99% of bartenders who mix and pour drinks in every kind of establishment from the neighborhood bar to many of the finest dining establishments.

Yes!! We have grads that are both mixologists and bartenders

Frank at the Dabney

Frank, our grad from a few years ago, learned the basics of bartending from scratch at our school.  He landed initial bartending work at a neighborhood bar, but wanted more.  He hooked up a more prominent bar job at Black Jacks on U Street, and from there moved to one of the most high profile mixology positions in the city at the Dabney, pictured above.  It all started at our school.

One of our favorite grads, who returned to the school to teach after practicing and developing as a bartender is our grad/former instructor, Ron. As an instructor, Ron was much loved by his students and received a lot of attention and affection. Our Facebook post that referenced Ron drew a huge amount of student/graduate attention.

Ron became the manager, bar manager, and bartender at Shaws Tavern, where he combines his experience, knowledge, skill, speed and efficiency to be both high volume bartender and craft mixologist.

Ron’s mixology skills were highlighted recently in an article about one of his new mixology creations featured at shaws, Fifties on Fifth. Its a wonderful looking and tasting drink and one of several new cocktails Ron is featuring at Shaws.

Frank Ron and other grads have combined their knowledge and skills at being a fast paced bartender able to handle busy crowds with the skills and knowledge of today’s bartenders.  The owners and managers of these bars appreciate these skills, let alone the customers.

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