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Part Time Bartender Jobs In Northern Virginia

Our Northern VA bartending school provides endless opportunities for part-time bartender jobs for those looking to augment their income. Our school has been a huge source for Northern VA part-time jobs for grads for years, in fact, decades. Whether someone is working, in college or grad school, retired, or simply looking to earn some extra income we have aided thousands of graduates in landing additional part-time work and extra income.

Dragana has a full time job, recently moved to the region, wanted extra income, desired a way to be more social and meet more people.  She took our course and within a short time landed a terrific bartending position at the very new Wilson Hardware in Clarendon.  It opened in early September 2017 and is already popular and busy.

Kendra and BrentTake Kendra and Brent, for instance. Kendra is a consultant with a full time job.  She wanted extra income.  She wanted flexible work, and as she told us she didn’t want a boring low paying retail job.  She took our course. Very quickly, we gave Kendra two gigs, covering three days.  They came directly off our leads.   One was at a concert at National Stadium.  This picture was taken in the middle of Clarendon, during the annual two day Arts Festival thrown by the Clarendon Alliance. Between hourly pay and tips, Brenda has already paid for the classes.


Brent was then a 21 year old student at George Mason University.  He also wanted flexible part time opportunities.  The Clarendon Alliance event was his first bartending gig–a two day event of about 4-6 hours each day.  It occurred during the first few weeks after he graduated.   Since that first event Brent has worked numerous parties, continuing to use our placement services for over 3 years.  He has landed weekend gigs, parties, and landed regular work at several busy bars. During the political campaign in Autumn 2016, Brent got to bartend at a small event where Bill Clinton spoke and Brent got to interact with the former President. Our bartending training proved to be useful for Brent.

Matt, below, took our program during college break, used our suggestions and smarts from the placement office, and landed a first job in Blacksburg before being promoted to this high profile position at the Continental Divide Bar for visitors to Virginia Tech and Blacksburg.

Matt at Continental Divide
Matt from Virginia Tech bartending in Blacksburg


Many of our students have a full time job but are looking for extra income.  It could be for a myriad of reasons.  Brenda took our course for just that reason.  Years before, Brenda had worked in the hospitality industry and in a variety of restaurants.  Now she is an adult, a mother, and someone eager to earn extra income in a part time job that is better paying and more fun than retail or for a call center.   She took our course.

After finishing the 40 hour program and going through our placement assistance session and accessing our leads Brenda still hadn’t landed a bartending gig.

That didn’t phase us.  We want to see grads earn back the cost of the program and make that extra income.  We went back over opportunities with Brenda and redirected her toward positions that would work for her.

Brenda part-time
Brenda at Westwood Country Club in Vienna

She is now applying her recently acquired bartending skills with long developed skills from years of working at restaurants.  She loves it.  It augments her regular income and is infinitely better than sitting in an office or working a low paying retail job.

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